Is Barack Obama PURPOSELY Trying To Start World War III?

October 22, 2015 3:14 pmViews: 6234

Is Obama trying to start WW 3?

Why has President Obama airdropped 50 tons of ammunition into areas that supposedly moderate rebels (whatever those are) in Syria control? When Russia is already doing sorties in this exact area it is essentially the equivalent of poking the Russians directly in the eyes. A majority of this ammunition will end up in the hands of those that the Russians are attempting to bomb back to the Stone Age, so to Russia it appears that we are attempting to make their job much harder.

Of course everyone knows there aren’t any “moderate rebels” in Syria at all. Almost all of the groups fighting in Syria are made up of primarily radical jihadists and or hired mercenaries. It doesn't seem that anyone over in northern Iraq and Syria is able to really be called the, "good guys.” The reason this is so dangerous is that the United States supports just about anyone wanting to get rid of the Assad regime, and conversely, the Russians are working hard to keep Assad in power because he is one of their allies.

This isn't a situation we should be in on another continent where everyone seems to be the bad guy. The conflict in Syria is in great danger of being transformed into a proxy war between the United States and Russia, and many fear that this situation could be setting up the next stage ultimately leading to World War III.

The ferocity of Russian airstrikes in Syria has surprised observers all over the planet, and over the past couple of days these airstrikes have been extended to include some new areas focusing primarily on demolishing fortified installations and eliminating supply bases and the terrorists’ infrastructure. Wait WHAT? The Obama administration has supposedly been bombing ISIS positions in Syria for more than a year.  If that is true, why exactly do these targets still exist?

It is quite clear that President Obama is in WAY over his head and him pretending to actually be in command is dangerous for the security of the whole world!

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