Is Hillary Clinton Dumb Enough Not to Realize THIS Happened to Her Email Server?

August 17, 2015 1:46 pmViews: 2368

Hillary Clinton email server

Everyone that is being intellectually honest already knows what an incredible liar Hillary Clinton is. To watch her out on the campaign trail trying to make a joke about the fact that she mishandled, either by mistake or on purpose, highly classified emails and documents, is a sickening part of the political process we are now faced with enduring.

In the real world, Hillary Clinton could very well go to jail, but being that she is in the elitist, protected class of political game makers, chances are, she could get away with this. If any normal person like you or I were to have this kind of information on our own computers, we would be facing jail time, not in years, but in decades.

Before the FBI confiscated her home email server, Hillary Clinton claims to have had it professionally wiped clean, but is she really dumb enough not to know that the company managing the server for her made regular backups? Well, at times Hillary does appear to be a bit clueless about technical things, but we do know this, she is a wicked liar and political expert and she usually gets what she wants.

For her to lie about how it's the fault of Republicans on a witch hunt of partisan political maneuvering, means nothing to her. She has been lying about the deaths of 4 men, including a US Ambassador, in Benghazi for the last 3 years straight, so for her to lie about her personal email server used to hide secret State Department business means nothing. Lying is second nature to political hacks like Hillary Clinton. To her, there is no difference between lying and talking, it is virtually the same thing.

Watch the video below on the report about the backups to Hillary's email server.

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