Is The Obama Administration Trying To Divide America During This Shutdown?

October 6, 2013 1:49 pmViews: 9600

Scenic overlooks closed by National Park Service

Since the government shutdown began, we’ve seen the National Park Service do a few rather petty things no doubt ordered to do so by the thugocracy of the Obama administration. The Park Service has attempted to close a World War II memorial and even parking lots for the privately funded historical site of Mount Vernon, along with other questionable actions. Can you tell us that the government is so out of touch they don't even know Mount Vernon doesn't belong to them?

Now the National Park Service says it has been forced to close scenic overlooks. That's right, the Obama administration has ordered scenic overlooks to be closed that aren't even inside the borders of National Parks. One park ranger even admitted, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Various overlooks around the country have been closed including some on the Washington Parkway and public highway overlooks at Mount Rushmore. It is claimed by park officials that these areas need to be closed because they cannot be maintained and the trash cannot be emptied along roadsides, but of course they don't mention it costs time, money, and manpower to put up barricades that keep American citizens from accessing these overlooks.

This is what you have with the thuggish behavior of the Obama administration and you have to ask yourself why they are doing this? Is it to be able to better place the blame for the shutdown on Republicans or is it for more nefarious purposes? And we all thought Obama was supposed to be a healer, bring people together and change the tone in Washington. Obama has unfortunately brought nothing but division, especially with immature and selfish acts like this just to position himself politically.

What do you think about scenic overlooks being closed during this government shutdown? Leave your comments below...

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