ISIS Bans Sale Of Cigarettes In Mosul, Punishable By 30 Lashes

September 13, 2014 8:57 pmViews: 137

ISIS bans cigarettes

In a move that will surprise precisely no one who has been following the situation and the character of the people under discussion, the terrorist group ISIS has decreed that the sale of cigarettes is now a punishable criminal offense. Of course, this is itself is a mere few steps beyond what health puritans convinced they know what's best for you better than you do have done in the United States itself, where tobacco smoking has been so demonized it is practically considered a moral crime already.

In true extremist style, ISIS has taken the prohibition into the territory of the absurd with a decidedly harsh penalty: Violators face thirty lashes. Yes, getting caught trading cigarettes in ISIS-occupied territory will now result in a flogging. And this isn't the first time ISIS has imposed its repressive brand of Islam on the masses.

"Those who steal are punished by having their hands chopped off," says BasNews. "The five daily prayers of Islam are mandatory for everyone. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden, as they do not align with the extremist Islamic views of purity."

As of now, the new law applies in Mosul, Iraq, one of the many areas in Iraq and Syria in which ISIS boasts total control. But sources report that this is only the beginning of a plan to institute this prohibition across the entire dominion of ISIS. That means an awful lot of people already burdened by an occupier known for rounding up and executing non-Muslims who refuse to convert soon won't be able to drink or light up to ease their probably considerable stress, even if they want to.

Of course, one wonders where all of this will stop. It seems likely that cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are merely the launching point. Many extremist Muslims also believe in stoning adulterers, or women who are found not to be virgins on their wedding night, or those who commit any of a dizzying array of sexual sins. As previously mentioned, ISIS is already adhering to the traditional Islamic practice of removing the hands of thieves. And Christians unfortunate enough to be found within their path have learned that it is downright lethal to be caught believing in a different religion.

ISIS is completely out of control, and as time goes on, it seems that they increasingly become only more and more so. And this is the least of ISIS' absurd offenses. And now with the beheading of a third hostage, this time a British citizen, will the world just sit back and watch, or will they act?

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