It Has Happened: Trayvon Martin Dubbed A Martyr By Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young (VIDEO)

August 28, 2013 12:24 pmViews: 10145

Trayvon Martin was not a martyr

You knew it was only a matter of time before the race baiting, evidence ignoring lefties descended into utter absurdity and declared Trayvon Martin a martyr. Well, it has happened.

In an interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid, former Atlanta Mayor and UN Ambassador Andrew Young interrupted Reid when she asked about the problem Trayvon Martin's death represented for the black community and Young stopped her in mid sentence and said, "No, Trayvon is a martyr. We’ve had a string of martyrs from the time of Emmett Till, Every generation has its martyrs and they’re going to continue.”

This is disturbing in so many ways it hard to even fathom, but let's start at what a martyr actually is. Here is the definition from Wikipedia: "A martyr is somebody who suffers persecution and death for advocating, refusing to renounce, and/or refusing to advocate a belief or cause, usually a religious one."

Now, it there anything in that definition that even remotely fits who Trayvon Martin was in any conceivable way? What kind of belief was Trayvon Martin championing when he attacked George Zimmerman who was walking back to his car to meet with a police officer? What kind of persecution did Martin suffer when he was profiling Zimmerman as a "creepy ass cracka" who was simply looking out for his own neighborhood that had had multiple break-ins in the past? Was Zimmerman not supposed to defend himself from an attack by a so-called martyr?

The clear facts of the Martin / Zimmerman case are being blindly ignored by anyone who thinks Trayvon Martin even begins to approach the status of a martyr. Putting all the racism and racial profiling aside (which none of it was ever proved to have happened), the real facts of the case are that George Zimmerman was attacked by Martin and was defending himself because he was afraid for his life. Try as Andrew Young and Al Sharpton's black grievance industry might to make Trayvon a martyr it won't be real. Real martyrs stood for something. Real martyrs gave up everything defending a belief they were willing to die for. Real martyrs went to their graves for a religious cause or beliefs so ingrained in their hearts they were completely sold out to them.

In an attempt to make Trayvon Martin a martyr, the liberal black community, via their "only blacks can suffer racism" leaders and media pundits, denigrate true martyrs and true leaders who have paid an ultimate sacrifice. Too bad Andrew Young chooses to ignore clear evidence as to who Trayvon really was.

Read more on this story below from Mediaite and watch the sadly misplaced martyr sentiment in the video after that.

In anticipation of President Barack Obama’s address on the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement’s march on Washington D.C., MSNBC guest host Joy-Ann Reid asked her guest on Tuesday about problems in the black community including the killing of Trayvon Martin. Reid was interrupted when her guest insisted that Martin was this generation’s “martyr” to the cause of civil rights.

Reid’s guest, former United Nations Ambassador under President Jimmy Carter, Andrew Young, interrupted her when she asked about what kind of problem Martin’s killing represents for the black community.

“No,” Young said. “Trayvon is a martyr.”

“We’ve had a string of martyrs from the time of Emmett Till,” Young continued. “Every generation has its martyrs and they’re going to continue.”

“We lift them up to show that they’re not lost,” he added.

Young noted that George Zimmerman’s story is “just as much a tragedy,” because “his life is ruined over a love of guns and a false sense of what manhood is.”

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