Jay Carney Is Concerned The Tea Party Is “Doing Harm” To Republicans

October 11, 2013 9:52 amViews: 2315

Jay Carney frown

Yesterday Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney went into a litany of charges against the Tea Party wing of the Republican party and basically blamed them for the government shutdown. After saying the Tea Party was "doing harm" to the economy, the American people and a list of other things, Carney hilariously suggested and sounded concerned the Tea Party was "doing harm to the Republican Party" which is "bad for America."

Stop the presses, Jay Carney is concerned about the Republican Party. Despite the fact that Carney lies about Republicans all the time, despite the fact that Obama will not negotiate with Republicans at all on the budget, despite the fact that Obama spends millions every year flying around the country in air Force One bashing and blaming Republicans for everything from climate change to every time someone even shoots an AR-15, Jay Carney wants you to believe he cares about Republicans.

Anyone else not buying a word of Carney's Soviet style propaganda?

Read more from YouTube below and watch the video after that:

On Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney launched into an attack on the Tea Party, suggesting that conservatives were thwarting the will of the people and perverting House leadership on the debt ceiling issue and the government shutdown. “We should put everything on the table,” Carney said. “But what we cannot continue to do is punish the American people which is what the Tea Party Republicans are doing in the name of trying to extract partisan demands.”

“It’s spite, it’s deliberate harm to average folks out there,” he said of the Tea Party’s insistence on Obamacare changes. “They’re doing harm to the America people, they’re doing harm to the American economy, and they’re doing harm to the Republican Party, which by all accounts is bad for America,” Carney said, saying the country benefits from two strong parties working together, and ripping “one faction of one house of one branch of government.”

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