Jay Carney: Kerry’s “Unbelievably Small” Comment On Syria Attack Not A Gaffe

September 9, 2013 9:15 pmViews: 1584

Jay Carney covers for John Kerry

It is pretty unbelievable to watch Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney manipulate the media every day and see them just suck it up. In reference to Secretary of State John Kerry's most embarrassing statement that any strike on Syria would be, "unbelievably small," Carney tried desperately today during the White House press briefing to convince the willing media that Kerry's statement was not a gaffe.

Trying to turn a wimpy misstep by bumbling Kerry into something positive (meaning manipulation), Carney said, "it’s a fact by comparison" referring to both the Afghanistan and the Iraq conflicts in size and scope. It is funny how Carney's job is to speak for Kerry as if he were there pulling the puppet strings himself when it more looks like Kerry's words simply reflect a leaderless and directionless Obama presidency. Kerry was just trying to make a case for a "nice guy" war and was pleading in the most convincing way possible (which turned out to be rather disgraceful) to win some votes for Obama to get his chance to shoot million dollar cruise missiles from a Navy destroyer.

Jay Carney's job is not to tell the truth, it is to further Obama's agenda and to make the President and whoever else in the Obama administration look good when they come across as fools. Unfortunately, Carey looks like a fool himself trying to constantly cover for the inept Obama and his cronies. You would think Obama would want to distance himself from such an ignorant statement that reflects what sissies we are on the international stage and Obama could have done so by simply having Carney admit what Kerry said was a mistake. However, since there is not an ounce of humility in anyone associate with Obama, there is little chance of that ever happening.

Read more on this story from Politico below:

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Secretary of State John Kerry’s assertion that U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria would be “unbelievably small” was only in context to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I think that Secretary Kerry clearly was referring to that in the context of what the United States and the American people have experienced over the past 10, 12 years, which includes large scale, long-term … open-ended military engagement with boots on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Carney said during Monday’s White House press briefing. “That is the contrast that Secretary Kerry was making.”

Carney said Kerry did not gaffe.

“I don’t think that the phrasing reflects some error, it’s a fact by comparison,” Carney said. “This is certainly much more limited and a smaller duration and size.”

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