Jay Carney Turns Question About Cost Of Obama’s Golf Outings Into Republican And Tea Party Blamefest

March 14, 2013 1:19 pmViews: 8280

Jay Carney Obama golf outing cost

When Jonathan Karl of ABC News asked Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney a question regarding the cost of a typical golf outing for President Barack Obama, instead of answering the question, the boyish secretary took the opportunity to blame and bash Republican's and the Tea Party for the current budget mess.

The line of questioning during the press conference was on the subject of cancelling White House tours and several reporters had chimed in on the subject when ABC's Karl asked his first question inquiring, “The Secret Service told us that the tours cost $74,000 a week. How much is it going to cost for the President to travel later this week to Illinois?” Of course Carney did not want to answer so he went into a diatribe about how it is the President's job to fly around the country and the world acting like he's kind of the world or something.

After Carney's little rant, Karl wasn't satisfied so he asked, “How much does it cost for him to go and play golf?” to which Carny arrogantly replied, “Jon, again, you’re trivializing an impact here. People will lose their jobs. Three-quarters of a million people will lose their job" and later added, "And you can report on White House tours, or you can find out what the impacts are out in the real world." Then the smart alec press secretary went into a diatribe about how the budget mess was the fault of Republicans and the Tea Party and he never did answer Johnathan Karl's question.

Watch Jay Carney below as he takes on Johnathan Karl of ABC. It is funny to see the liberal media cannibalize their own. Maybe one day they will get the picture that Obama and company are just using them.

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