Jay Carney, Without Laughing: ‘The President’s Record On Transparency Is Broad And Significant’

June 10, 2013 6:15 pmViews: 4471

Jay Carney on Obama's transparency

President Obama’s press spokesman Jay Carney was back in his usual arrogant form today, which is to laughably pretend that we’re living in a world where candidate Obama's 2008 election promises have all been fulfilled. One of those Obama promises was to bring historic and sweeping levels of transparency to Washington politics. We all know what a farce that has been with the mounting scandals that surround this regime.

According to Press Secretary Carney in his press briefing today, "The President's record on transparency is broad and significant." Says who Jay, says who? Sorry, when the President's Press Secretary makes an outrageous statement like that, all the reporters in the room should have stood up and thrown their shoes at him.

Not only is this President embroiled in scandal like no other president has been in the history of this nation, his administration through people like Carney has the audacity to look reporters and the American public right in the face and tell us what we absolutely know not to be true. There's transparency in this administration? Where? We hardly even know who Barack Hussein Obama is.

Watch the audacious video below and once again experience sanctimonious rhetoric these fools expect us to believe:

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