Jesse Jackson Praises Chavez At Funeral: ‘He Lifted the Poor’, Fails To Mention Venezuela’s Destroyed Economy

March 9, 2013 5:12 pmViews: 2651

Jesse Jackson at Hugo Chavez funeral

The Reverend (and I use the term hesitantly) Jesse Jackson is the ultimate race baiting opportunist that shows up at any high profile news even where he can get himself just a little more publicity. And especially if that event entails just the opposite of what America used to stand for, you can bet you will find Jesse hogging as much camera time as possible or at least stirring up the crowd with hyperbole completely devoid of real facts.

That's why we are not any too surprised to see that the Rev showed up to speak at Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez's funeral on Friday. While Venezuela has been decimated in a multitude of ways by Chavez's rule including rising prices of more than 20% a year, devaluing of the currency by more than 60% and making the country one of the most violent nations on Earth, Jesse Jackson had nothing but praise for the now dead dictator.

Because Chavez helped a few poor people on the road to economic, political and moral destruction of the country, the Rev Jackson sees that as an accomplishment. Maybe that's why Jackson likes President Obama so much. Read his words below and watch the video after that and remember that Jackson is a supposed champion of the poor in this nation as well. What does that tell you about where we are headed?

Jackson's words:

"How do we measure a great leader? By how he treats the least of these. Hugo fed the hungry. He lifted the poor. He raised their hopes. He helped them realize their dreams. And so today we do mourn, because we’ve lost a life. But we have a lot left: a stable government, and orderly transition. We pray the presidents of our great nations will meet soon and find common ground. While it may be politically difficult, it’s the morally right thing to do."

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