Jimmy Carter Channeling MLK: Claims To Know How He Would Feel About Stand Your Ground Laws

August 30, 2013 8:40 amViews: 3054

Jimmy Carter MLK Stand Your Ground

The liberals of today are nothing like the liberals of Martin Luther King's day. You can see it in the demeanor and humility in the way Dr King carried himself and the way he spoke. The arrogance of liberal politicians such as the crazy Nancy Pelosi and black civil rights leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is light years away from the soft spoken wisdom of Martin Luther King.

Even when John F Kennedy, in his 1961 inaugural address, used the Kalhil Gibran quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country" it reflected an entirely different "spirit of the age" so much less focused on entitlement and more on service. Unfortunately, that national demeanor of the liberalism of yesteryear has maybe forever disappeared.

All that to say, former President Jimmy Carter after his appearance at the 50th anniversary of the Martin Luther King speech, has come out and said he thinks he knows what Dr King would have thought about today's Stand Your Ground laws, which of course is a reference to George Zimmerman defending himself against Trayvon Martin attacking him. Well, it is pretty obvious that King was a supporter of gun rights since he applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon as you will read further below.

Carter is assuming King would be against Stand Your Ground laws, but we really have no way of knowing that. However, since King did want to get a concealed weapons permit (which was denied), we can be pretty sure King supported the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, most liberals of today don't even understand what the 2nd Amendment is about. And that especially goes for Jimmy Carter.

Read more below on this story from Red Alert Politics:

Former President Jimmy Carter knows just how civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. would have felt about Stand Your Ground laws.

Carter was one of the featured speakers at Wednesday’s March on Washington 50th anniversary commemoration, “Let Freedom Ring.” He posited that all Americans know just how King would have felt about the self-protection laws.

“I think we all know how Dr. King would have reacted to our country being awash in guns and for more and more states passing Stand Your Ground laws,” the former President said.

Carter also said “we all know” how King would have reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act, D.C. residents not having “full citizenship rights” and high unemployment among blacks, specifically young blacks.

King did argue for peaceful opposition, orchestrating perhaps the largest violence-free march in United States history. But during his lifetime, King also owned his own firearms and applied for a permit to conceal and carry, according to The Huffington Post. He was denied that permit by the Alabama police, even though he likely met the requirements of the law.

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