Joe Biden Spends $1 Million On 2 Nights In London And Paris

March 22, 2013 2:03 pmViews: 3448

Biden expensive hotel London Paris

We are constantly told by the Obama administration that the rich need to pay, "just a little bit more" or to pay, "their fair share" to reduce the deficit and balance the budge, but it is beginning to look more like the money is instead going to finance lavish and outrageously expensive travel for the ruling elite. Obviously the Vice President of the United States needs a support staff and security when he travels, but when a two night stay between London and Paris runs up a hotel bill for over $1 million, you just have to ask, is this kind of spending on government officials really necessary?

In today's financially stressed world of everything the government does being over budget plus adding in government waste, fraud and abuse, does it make sense for the VP to spend roughly $500,000 a night in two European cities? Is it really necessary for him to stay at 5 star hotels and bring an entourage of more than 100 people with him? Drug doing, vodka drinking rock stars travel like that and spend money like that, should the ruling elite travel like this as well.

In his stay in London on February, the Vice President required 136 rooms for 893 room nights, no telling what for. That comes out to 6.5 nights rented per room, but Biden himself was only in London for a single night. Biden was in Paris on February 4th, London February 5th and this article proves he was back in the United States in Leesburg on February 6th. So why the outrageous hotel bill for 136 rooms for more than 6 nights each?

If it is so important to save money as President Obama constantly reiterates as he travels around the country in his never ending campaign mode,while he incessantly vilifies the rich, why is it that members of government and those that rule over us never even give an inkling that they are cutting back, that they are willing to save money? As Obama takes lavish vacations, let's his wife Michelle dress in a $9,000 gown to present an Academy Award, goes to a fund raiser where their is a $105,000 champagne tower, and has a more than $100 million inauguration what does that say, what kind of image does that present to a country where millions of people are out of work and 45 million are on food stamps?

Good heavens, if we are ever going to get back on track with government spending, have any chance to pay off the debt and return some sense of fiscal sanity to our nation once again and not owe trillions to foreign nations, shouldn't the example of that fiscal responsibility start at the top? What kind of precedent does it set when the government elite jet set around the world to exotic cities, overnight in 5 star hotels and eat the most expensive delicacies available on earth? We, the people, are tiring of such hypocrisy.

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