Joe Biden [VIDEO]: “In My Heart, I Am Confident That I Could Make a Good President”

January 29, 2014 12:42 pmViews: 831

Joe Biden confident President

The number one clown that has ever sat in the office of the Vice President, Joe Biden, is "confident" that he would make a good President.

This is coming from the man that was incredibly disrespectful of Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debates of more than a year ago, is bombastic and inappropriate in just about any social setting and who would probably have a hard time running a garage sale, but he is confident that he could do a good job as Commander in Chief.

Great. Obama has a confident arrogance too. That doesn't qualify him as President.

Read more below from the Washington Examiner and see the video after that:

Joe Biden told NBC's Savannah Guthrie on Wednesday that he believed that he would make a good president.

"In my heart, I'm confident that I could make a good president," Biden said. "It's a very different decision to decide whether or not to run for president."

Biden indicated that he had not made a decision to run for president or not but would focus on his job as President Obama's vice president.

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