Joe Scarborough Blows Up At Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney: ‘Don’t Give Me Talking Points’ (VIDEO)

July 24, 2013 12:22 pmViews: 19473

Joe Scarborough takes on Jay Carney

MSNBC's Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough had some pretty harsh words for impish presidential mouthpiece Jay Carney Wednesday morning when Carney said that Washington needs to focus on things important to the country and not “phony” or “pretend scandals.”

Scarborough immediately retorted and forcefully called on Carney, asking him if he thought the IRS scandal was "phony," Carney said that House Republicans had "cherry-picked" information only to drop their case against the agency once the full details emerged.

When Carney began to snicker as Scarborough continued his questioning, Scarborough said "I see you smiling, I don’t know that there’s anything to smile about. It wasn’t a couple of crazy people in Cincinnati. This information actually went up to the Chief Counsel of the IRS, which was one of two political appointees by the President of the United States and the entire IRS. So it doesn’t sound phony to me, Jay.”

As Carney continued to offer mostly canned responses straight from the bowels of the Obama propaganda machine, Scarborough became visibly agitated and said, "Don't give me talking points, because that doesn't work on this show, so answer my question, and then let's talk about the economy."

Too bad more media personalities don't get a little more vocal with the puppet Jay Carney and the rest of the Obama regime. RINO Joe Scarborough should have been doing this all along as he usually gives a pass to most liberals, but at least it was a start because everyone with the ability to think knows the IRS situation is not pretend at all. it is a downright scandal and came from the highest levels of the Obama administration.

Watch the exchange between Scarborough and Carney below:

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