Joe Scarborough Thinks Extremism From The NRA Is The Greatest Threat to The 2nd Amendment

January 30, 2013 3:24 pmViews: 798

Joe Scarborough NRA extremism

Unbelievably, RINO Joe Scarborough has now gone so far as to say that extremism from the NRA is the greatest threat to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. It isn't Dianne Feinstein who has introduced legislation in the Senate that actually bans, not restricts, but bans, more than 150 different and specific firearms. It isn't a professor of Constitutional law at Georgetown University or any of the other left wing radicals that taught Obama everything he knows, which are the greatest threat to the Second Amendment and the Constitution itself, it is the extremism from the NRA.

When Joe Scarborough just dismisses out of hand the supposed extremism from the NRA because they are worried that Obama and Congress want to take away our guns he is playing to the delusion that the worst could never happen here, not in America. Well Joe, no one ever thought Hitler could kill 6 million Jews, but he did. No one thought a century ago we would be killing 1.5 million babies in our nation every year through abortion, but we are. And no one ever though the federal government would be an astounding $16 TRILLION in debt 50 or 100 years ago, but we are.

The insane and naive view that "the worst will never happen" is what crept up and struck us in the back side and killed nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. It happened partly because we never thought it would happen. And now Dianne Feinstein has written and introduce a bill in the Senate that specifically bans 150 types of guns and Joe Scarborough has the utter audacity to stand up and say, "No one wants to take your guns." Joe is either incredibly stupid or part of a larger delusion infecting America called liberalism.

Here is an excerpt from the transcript and video below of what Joe said about the extremism from the NRA being a threat to the 2nd Amendment:

“You know what the greatest danger to that Second Amendment right and that guarantee is right now? Extremism from the survivalist wing of the NRA that impacts Republicans’ policies nationwide and moves the Republican Party so far away from mainstream America that they lose the House, they lose the Senate again in 2014, and they lose the presidency again — and the next president will be Democratic.”

Watch the video below:

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