John McCain Calls Obama Horses And Bayonets Remark Not Presidential

October 23, 2012 5:30 pmViews: 122

Senator John McCain appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday after the last presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama and had a few choice words for the president's conduct during the debate. While discussing the debate on Monday night and speaking to Joe Scarborough, Senator McCain said,

“I don’t understand why the president seems to want to take these kind of cheap shots, bayonets and horses? What’s that all about? When I debated then-Sen. Obama, I didn’t criticize or belittle his lack of experience on national security issues. And he seemed to take these kind of cheap shots. That’s not presidential, and frankly, I kind of resent it.”

And on a conference call with reporters earlier today Senator McCain also made a similar statement when he said (speaking of President Obama),

“This is a man who has never known anything about national defense or national security or served in the military. To make a smart a remark about horses and bayonets and the planes that fly off aircraft carriers, you know, to me, is not only unpresidential, but it shows a lack of maturity along with his lack of judgment.”

Unfortunately, that is how many view the president and even the Vice President with all their divisive talk, commercials and interviews. Obama, Biden and those in his campaign can hardly talk about anything the president has done because they spend a majority of their energy vilifying the Romney, Ryan and any other opponent of theirs. Frankly it is astonishing how far we have come from the Reagan days of a Commander in Chief who completely respected the office of the President.

Watch the video below of McCain on Morning Joe:

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