John McCain Caught Red Handed Playing Online Poker During Senate Hearing On Syria (PHOTOS)

September 4, 2013 9:19 amViews: 1829

John McCain playing poker

Thanks to the quick eyed photography of Washington Post reporter Melina Mara, Senator John McCain was caught red handed playing online poker in the middle of the Senate hearing on whether or not to attack Syria. While McCain later made light of the indecent by Tweeting, "Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing - worst of all I lost!" about 2.5 hours after the photo was taken, it means that the Senator many are calling a RINO, was not fully engaged in his duties during the hearing.

If you look at the second picture below you can see that McCain was engaged in a game with 3 other participants, one named "Daniel", another named "swamp" and we assume McCain is going by the name, "semper fi" since he is an ex Marine. The 4th player's name and stats are unreadable. McCain looks to be winning however many hands the group is playing with $16,094 in winnings.

Why is this a big deal? Because it is a United States Senator who is not fully paying attention to an extremely serious matter that could potentially set off World War III if we just flippantly decide to bomb Syria without all the details and evidence we need. If you notice the time in the pic below of 3:55 PM, McCain is playing poker right near the same moment (at 3:50 PM) Secretary of State John Kerry is assuring the panel that there would not be any American boots on the ground in Syria with this statement, "Let’s shut that door now as tight as we can. All I did was raise a hypothetical question about some possibility, and I’m thinking out loud about how to protect America’s interests. Whatever prohibition clarifies it to Congress and the American people, there will not be American boots on the ground with respect to the civil war."

We don't think that would be a good time for McCain to disengage and drift off into cyberspace playing a few hands of poker while such a serious matter is at hand. What do you think?

John McCain playing poker zoomed

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