Josh Duggar Confesses to Being “The Biggest Hypocrite Ever” – When Will Hillary Clinton?

August 20, 2015 4:23 pmViews: 170

Hillary Clinton Josh Duggar

Isn't it funny how the left likes to take apart and publicly shame conservatives and especially Christian conservatives for their sins and shortcomings. It is public spectacle time for anyone who gets into the cross-hairs of the uber-liberal main stream media, especially when they have made a proclamation of faith. However, on the other hand, the liberal media loves to protect any one of their little darlings or causes, no matter how egregious their indiscretions.

Sadly, reality TV star Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame as well as being former Executive Director of the Family Research Council has been caught up in another scandal with at least 2 profiles being discovered on the cheating website, Ashley Madison. What he has done in hiding his lifestyle and membership from many people is wrong and hurtful to his family and many Americans who trusted him as a respectful father and husband on television and in his positions as a public figure for Christian ministries.

However, Josh has done something almost no other politician or public figure does when caught up in such a scandal, he has confessed plain and simple. In a statement on his family's blog, Josh said, "I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have been unfaithful to my wife." When does anyone else ever make a statement like that, unless of course they have spent months or years denying it?

Yet what about politicians like Hillary Clinton (and of course her philandering husband Bill) who has been denying for almost a year now (and longer in the Benghazi case) that she did nothing wrong by having a personal email server in her home in New York while she was Secretary of State. Hillary has for months claimed that she has turned over all her emails. She has claimed for months that there was no classified materials or email on that server. She has claimed for months that there were no secrets to hide, and she has been lying the entire time.

After the FBI finally coming in and confiscating her server, out of a bathroom closet, more than 300 classified documents, some highly classified, have been found. It has even been reported Hillary Clinton revealed the location of fighter jets and Ambassador Christopher Stevens in emails during NATO bombardments in Libya. She had to have known they were there. She was Secretary of State, yet she claims she never saw any emails marked classified.

if Josh Duggar is, "the biggest hypocrite ever," Hillary Clinton is at least 10 times that because of her position of authority related to national security.

Actually Hillary, YOU are the biggest hypocrite ever and it's time for you to come clean.

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