Kabul Afghanistan U.S. Embassy Security In Total Disarray, Is It Another Benghazi Waiting To Happen?

July 27, 2013 12:09 pmViews: 1788

US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan

Is another Benghazi style terrorist attack just waiting to happen at our embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan? You would think with all the attacks including one on the Embassy in Cairo and other embassies after Benghazi and even after an attack on this exact Embassy in Kabul on Sept. 13, 2011, when  people were injured that the Obama administration would do its utmost to make sure our embassies worldwide would be better prepared and protected from an attack. That should especially be the case where we are actively fighting in the country.

Unfortunately that is not the case with our facility in Kabul and a recent inspection team found amongst other things, inadequate emergency facilities, food, water rations, medical supplies and emergency communication equipment that would be needed to survive an attack and call for help (that is if help would arrive as it did not in Benghazi).

One has to wonder just what is going on inside the White House and the State Department to let this lack of security happen again, in light of what happened in Benghazi.

Read more on the lack of security at our Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan from The Washington Times below:

U.S. diplomatic facilities in Afghanistan have serious security lapses that pose “unnecessary risk to staff,” including poor emergency preparedness and inadequate protections that might allow classified materials to fall into the hands of attacking enemies, according to an internal report that raises fresh questions about the State Department’s commitment to safety in the aftermath of the Benghazi tragedy.

The confidential State Department inspector general’s report, obtained by The Washington Times under the Freedom of Information Act, directly criticizes the department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security for failing to perform a physical inspection before approving the security plan for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, which was the target of a brash attack by Taliban insurgents two years ago.

When IG investigators inspected the embassy in Kabul, they found inadequate emergency shelters, food, water rations, medical supplies and backup communication equipment that would be essential to repel or survive an attack, according to the report, which was released to The Times partly redacted for security reasons.

Similar inspections elsewhere found the U.S. diplomatic post in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat lacked an emergency action plan instructing employees on how to respond to an attack and that a Provincial Reconstruction Team outpost in Qala-e-Naw lacked an agreement with allied forces to provide a military response in case of attack.

“The lack of adequate emergency shelters [redacted] the lack of sufficient emergency supplies and equipment, the lack of redundancy in communications, the [redacted] absence of an agreement with the non-Department law enforcement on emergency assistance, and the inability to identify and destroy sensitive material unnecessarily increased the risk of injury to embassy staff and of compromising sensitive material during an emergency situation,” the report warns.

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