Kindergartener Gets Detention, Forced To Write Letter Of Apology For Quarter Sized Lego Gun

May 29, 2013 12:12 pmViews: 5376

Quarter sized Lego gun

No wonder we can't spot and do anything about real terrorists like the Boston Marathon bombers even though the FBI had interviewed them at least twice, we have more important things to do such as harass 6-year-old-kids for using their fingers as guns or for bringing miniature guns to school. In the latest mind numbing act of stupidity by school officials, a 6-year-old-kindergartener has been given detention and was forced to write a letter of apology for bringing a toy Lego gun (pictured above), barely the size of a quarter, on a school bus in Palmer, Massachusetts.

These incidents seem surreal because you would think the bus driver who was alerted to the fact that the 6-year-old offender had a toy gun by another student on the bus, would have the authority, intelligence, state of mind, common freaking sense, whatever you want to call it, to look at a piece of molded plastic that obviously can't shoot any kind of a bullet and say, "lighten up kids, it's a piece of plastic." But no, in our politically correct world of zero tolerance for anything from a Pop Tart, to a pointed finger, to a Lego that even remotely resembles a gun, we must make an example out of a harmless plaything and brainwash the public into thinking guns are just bad.

Meanwhile the real terrorists make advances into our society because it is not politically correct to say they are Muslim extremists.

Read more on this politically correct silliness from The Daily Caller below:

Yet another student has landed in a heap of trouble for having something that represents a gun, but isn’t actually anything like a real gun.

This time, the perpetrator was a six-year-old boy. The menacing weapon in question was a plastic Lego G.I. Joe gun roughly the size of a quarter, reports WGGB-TV.

The incident unfolded Friday morning on a school bus headed to Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer, Mass. Another student on the bus spotted the Lego piece and promptly shouted to the driver.

Mieke Crane, the mother of the unnamed kindergartener who made the mistake of bringing the miniature weapon on the bus, is not happy.

“I think they overreacted, totally. I totally do,” Crane told WGGB.

“I could see if it was you know, an Airsoft gun or some sort of pistol or live bullets or something, but this is just a toy,” she added. “At six-years-old, I don’t really think he understood the zero-tolerance policy and related it to this as the same.”

School officials, who declined to speak to the ABC affiliate, promptly sent a letter home to all parents explaining the incident. The letter assured parents that there was no real gun, only a small molded piece of plastic from a Danish toy conglomerate.

According to Crane, her son was forced to apologize to the bus driver in a letter. He has to serve detention on Tuesday. Also, he may face a temporary suspension from riding the bus.

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