LA Times Compares Conservatives Opposed To Obamacare To Nazi Scientists

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Do you drink Tea or Kool Aid

One of the hallmarks of a government giving itself over to propaganda is when they start employing major media outlets in their effort to bring the "truth" to the people. Remember, all you marching minions for his excellency, Barack Obama promised to run the most transparent presidential administration in US history. Tell us how that "truth" is working out for all?

MSNBC for example, has become such a caricature of journalism with their incessant bashing of anything and anyone that remotely goes against their Dear Great Leader's ideology. Criticize Obama in any way, shape or form, and do it with hardcore facts and MSNBC will ignore those inconvenient tidbits of info and label you a "racist" for a week on each and every one of their sold out to progressive ideology, little watched shows. Chris Matthews will talk over any Obama dissenter so fast in a spittle filled rant they won't be able to rebut with even a single thought.

Then we have the major newspaper behemoths that still in this internet age, sway public opinion one way or another. The LA Times on the left coast is one of those behemoth bastions of the progressive cancer. And this time they've picked up the Harry Reid line that all the Obamacare horror stories are completely untrue, every one of them, put forth by the evil Koch brothers. Apparently the LA Times hasn't seen the supposedly "true stories" of Obamacare success on the  President's Organizing For Action website. How is it a success when someone pays $75 a month for healthcare and the American taxpayer picks up the rest of the $398 monthly premium?

Not to be outdone by anyone in the propaganda war consuming the main stream media today, the LA Times has taken Reid's comments about Obamacare horror stories and the Koch brothers and their wealth through the tobacco industry and parlayed that into now comparing conservatives, and  Tea Party adherents who oppose Obamacare, to Nazi scientists.

Yes, the Obama deifying, liberal press has gone that far.

Beyond their obsession with calling every opponent of Obama a racist, another delusion in the minds of intellectually dishonest liberals is their bordering on fetish idea that the Koch brothers are the originators of the Tea Party as a grass roots movement. Yet amazingly, the liberal media misses the glaringly obvious fact that both Michelle and Barack Obama put out videos on their own Organizing for Action website praising the "grassroots movement" of OFA.

Did you get that? OFA started from the top, took over, the First Lady and President of the United States promote OFA with propaganda videos and have parties and fundraisers for them, and yet they still have the audacity to call OFA a "grassroots movement." The Mt Everest summit of intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy has been reached on this one.

Read more below on the LA Times wild assertion that Conservatives who oppose Obamacare are like Nazi scientists. Following the section from the LA Time we've also included a comment from their website that summed up one reader's frustration with this article.

[A]nd all those fabricated Obamacare horror stories wholesaled by Republican and conservative opponents of the Affordable Care Act and their aiders and abetters in the right-wing press? Their purpose is to sow doubt about the entire project of healthcare reform; if the aim were to identify specific shortcomings of the act, they’d have to accompany every story with a proposal about how to fix it.

Proctor came to the study of agnotology through his study of the Nazi scientific establishment and subsequently of the tobacco industry’s defensive campaign.

Early in his career, he told me, he asked an advisor if Nazi science was an appropriate topic of research. “Of course,” he was told. “Nonsense is nonsense, but the history of nonsense is scholarship.” As part of his scholarship, Proctor says he ”watches Fox News all the time.” [...]

As Stanton A. Glantz of UC San Francisco documented last year, the tobacco industry was deeply involved in the evolution of the tea party movement, which promoted some of the industry’s cherished aims, such as fighting tobacco taxes and anti-smoking laws.

“The Tea Party of the late 2000s has become the ‘movement’” envisioned by a Reynolds executive 10 years earlier, Glantz concluded, “grounded in patriotic values of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’ to change how people see the role of ‘government’ and ‘big business’ in their lives.”

Given the torrent of misinformation washing about the public space and the multiplicity of pathways for its distribution, is there any hope for beating back the tide? Agnotologists are divided. “I don’t see any easy out,” says UCLA’s Wise. “All of the forces are on the side of undermining public trust in science.”

Reader comment on the above LA Times article:

Academics are an amazingly arrogant bunch. While it is true that corporations will lie to protect themselves and profits it is also true that many in this country want to control the lives of Americans.

We know that too much sugar is bad. We know that cigarettes are deleterious to our health. So is jumping out of airplanes, rock climbing, and innumerable other activities. We don’t need your studies to tell us what we have been told for decades or what is common sense.

This is something academics like Proctor will never understand because they are not working class. They are bourgeois. They are the types who are all brain and no brawn. They have multiple degrees on their walls and hybrids in their garages.They don’t know what it’s like to have children too early, to struggle to make ends meet while working 60 hours a week, or to make their living with their labor.

The academics world s not like the world of most of America. Their America is one of six figure salaries (with few hours spent actually teaching_) that come from tuition, governmental funding, and fundraising from the same corporations they are bashing. Their America is one of sabbaticals, conferences, traveling the globe, political activism, and if they successful enough, writing a best seller. Academics live in a world quite unlike that of most of America.

Because of that many Americans distrust academics and view then as haughty know-it-alls. It’s because of this that a Fox succeeds and a Tea Party exists.

The Progressive elite is out of touch with America. The problem is that they just don’t know it.

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