Last Presidential Debate of 2012 – Obama vs Romney On Foreign Policy

October 22, 2012 4:51 pmViews: 66

We are finally here at the last presidential debate of Election 2012 and this debate moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS News will focus on nothing but foreign policy. At least that's what is supposed to happen, but given President Obama's ability to dodge questions and deflect and blame others for his abysmal failures, we could end up just about anywhere.

And of course with President Obama flip flopping on Libya and with him coming out with a new lie about his most embarrassing failure yet as leader of the free world just about every other day, tonight's debate against Mitt Romney should be very interesting.

Since he is little more than an empty suit leader, President Obama loves slogans and sound bite rhetoric and he used to have a classic line about his foreign policy whenever he was criticized or pressed about an international issue. He used to say, "BIn Laden is dead and Al Qaeda has been decimated", but he can't really say that last part of the bumper sticker slogan anymore because of what happened in Libya at our American embassy there. At the hands of Al Qaeda our embassy in Benghazi Libya was attacked and 4 Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Steven, were killed.

And this is really the biggest thing hanging over the head of President Obama and his incredible changing story on the issue. From denying it was terrorist attack, to saying the attack came out of a spontaneous protest at the embassy in Libya, to UN Ambassador Susan Rice going on Meet The Press and saying that there was a "substantial security presence" at the embassy when there in fact was not, President Obama and those that cover for him have lied for nearly a month now on what actually happened.

The truth about the security personnel was that 2 of the dead who were former Navy SEALS, were working at the consulate or in the area for another company and they were not security personnel for Ambassador Stevens. They simply took up arms and tried to defend the embassy during the attack because they had previous training

The words "major screw up" and "deception" are written all over the Libya debacle and it is hard to tell if Obama will ever give us the true story. He criticized Mitt Romney for politicizing the embassy tragedy in their last debate, but Obama has actually been the one who has politicized the entire timeline and truth of the story to try and save his political hide. It will certainly be an interesting debate tonight.

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