Lawrence O’Donnell And NBC Fixate On Romney Loss With Biased Unflattering Reports

December 5, 2012 2:37 pmViews: 92

Someone might want to tell MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and NBC's Brian Williams that the election is over and they need not report on Romney any longer. Unless of course it is just part of their class warfare, hate the rich agenda they are supposed to carry out for President Obama.

Since Obama won his second term on Nov 6th, NBC has had at least 4 different reports on Mitt Romney, with a few unflattering pictures, getting back into normal life now that he isn't going to be president. One of the reports by Brian Williams was about Romney pumping his own gas just like the rest of us, as if that is a bad thing, complete with a pretty unflattering picture of the once presidential candidate with his hair a little messed up. And just the other night we got to see more pictures of the Romney's shopping at Costco. So what!

And now, the infamous bulldog and tough guy MSNBC reporter Lawrence O'Donnell and a panel of liberal, state run media parasites makes fun of Ann Romney for crying about the loss to Obama. See the video below and read the rest of the story from NewsBusters.

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