Liberal-In-Training Offended Over Definition of Word “Gay” In Apple Computer’s Dictionary

November 13, 2013 9:26 amViews: 3965

Becca Gorman offended by gay definition in Apple dictionary

From the files of politically correct asininity comes the latest reason to be offended. It seems that 15-year-old Becca Gorman from Sudbury, Mass was poking around in the spell check dictionary of her Apple computer and she didn't like what she found when the definition for the word "gay" came up.

For whatever reason, Becca was offended because the definition that she read amongst others was, "foolish" and "stupid." Oh my God, let's all be outraged over important things why don't we. Becca said, "my initial reaction was just disbelief."

Really? Your reaction was disbelief over a word that was hijacked by the homosexual lobby some 50 years ago that used to mean "happy" and "jolly" before it meant homosexual, before it meant, to some, "foolish" and "stupid?" So Becca wants to rewrite the Apple dictionary because she doesn't like a definition of the way some people actually use the word "gay."

Maybe some people are offended by you being intellectually dishonest, Becca. Please, just get over it!

Political correctness is more offensive than any of this nonsense.

Read more below from MyFox Boston:

A history essay on gay rights led a 15-year-old Sudbury girl to take a stand against a giant corporation.

Becca Gorman said she was writing her essay when she typed the word "gay" into her Macbook laptop's dictionary. The two definitions that came up on her screen: "foolish" and "stupid."

"I think my initial reaction was just disbelief," said Gorman.

Merriam-Webster defines "gay" as 1. happily excited; 2. bright, lively; 3. given to social pleasures; or 4. homosexual. Nowhere does the dictionary define gay as "foolish" or "stupid."

Becca's mothers are lesbians, so it especially hurt her to see the dictionary use the terms.

"I was kind of disgusted," said Gorman.

"We haven't really pushed our kids to take on our values but to really develop their own sense of what they think is important," said Gorman's mom, Michelle Bowdler.

So Becca wrote to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, who is openly gay. An hour later an Apple representative called her back.

"They said that Apple streams its dictionary from four separate sources so they'd have to figure out how to get it removed, but they were also really surprised," Gorman said.

The teen said she wouldn't back down until it's removed from the dictionary, writing to local newspapers and media. FOX 25, the Huffington Post and international media have already taken notice.

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