Liberal Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutor Should Be Disbarred

July 15, 2013 12:53 pmViews: 8483

Florida State Attorney Angela Corey

You know the George Zimmerman State Attorney prosecutor Angela Cory must be a real winner if liberal professor and former lawyer Alan Dershowitz says she should be disbarred.

Not only is Dershowitz saying Corey should be disbarred, he saying she should be investigated for purposely withholding evidence from the judge who ended up bringing this case to be heard in front of a jury. The main contention is that she never turned over the pictures of Zimmerman's bloody and broken nose and blood on the back of his head to the judge that decides whether or not there is enough evidence for a trial.

Read more of Dershowitz's interview transcript from Read Clear Politics below:

MIKE HUCKABEE: You have said that you thought the prosecutor ought to be disbarred, that's a pretty serious type of violation to get a person disbarred. It is that serious to you?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Right, it is. She submitted an affidavit that was, if not perjurious, completely misleading. She violated all kinds of rules of the profession, and her conduct bordered on criminal conduct. She, by the way, has a horrible reputation in Florida. She's known for overcharging, she's known for being highly political. And in this case, of course she overcharged. Halfway through the trial she realized she wasn't going to get a second degree murder verdict, so she asked for a compromised verdict, for manslaughter. And then, she went even further and said that she was going to charge him with child abuse and felony murder. That was such a stretch that it goes beyond anything professionally responsible. She was among the most irresponsible prosecutors I've seen in 50 years of litigating cases, and believe me, I've seen good prosecutors, bad prosecutors, but rarely have I seen one as bad as this prosecutor, [Angela] Cory. (Huckabee, July 14, 2013)

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