Liberal Michael Moore Says Fear And Racism Drive Gun Ownership In America

March 27, 2013 1:27 pmViews: 3626

Michael Moore guns are owned by racist fear monngerers

Every chance the gun grabbers get they politicize the issue of gun ownership and do their best to try and make those who own weapons and believe in the 2nd Amendment some kind of nuts. Case in point when filthy-rich liberal filmmaker Michael Moore was asked on MSNBC (the home of the State Run Media) by host Michael Eric Dyson why Americans were so obsessed with the Second Amendment and their right to own guns he said it was because of “Fear, fear and racism.”

No, it can't be that anyone actually wants to protect their family from increased crime or the threat of crime. It can't be because we are actually exercising our Constitutionally guaranteed right to own a firearm., and it can't be that some may like to hunt or shoot skeet or enjoy going to the range for target practice, according to Michael Moore, Americans own guns because we are filled with fear and we are racist.

Liberals can find all kinds of guaranteed rights in the Constitution such as the freedom for women to kill their babies, for women to obtain free contraceptives, for people to get healthcare, for homosexuals to engage in the God ordained union of marriage, but when it comes to those rights that are explicitly written into the Constitution such as freedom of religion (which liberals have turned into freedom from religion) and the freedom to own just about any firearm we please, no, that right doesn't exist. And if you exercise that explicit right, then you are simply some kind of a nutcase, backwoods, racist, fearful redneck.

Moore also claimed that over 90 percent of America’s gun were owned by white people, a statistic I have not been able to verify anywhere. But we can tell you that of course whites would tend to own most of the guns in the United States since they still are 72% of the population. And any statistics you find are mostly based on household surveys put together by randomly calling a segment of the population which would most certainly be fraught with error since many people would not tell a survey caller over the phone if they owned a gun. And those that own illegal guns, would obviously lie plus, those criminal elements where a lot of illegal guns are owned would never even be available for a gun survey. And of course, the host doing the interview never asked about such a bogus statistic either.

Watch the video below and see if Michael Moore's delusion doesn't make you wretch:

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