Liberal UK Guardian Compares Michael Brown Shooting To “Jim Crow Lynchings”

August 25, 2014 12:43 pmViews: 375

Michael Brown Ferguson robbery

You just really have to wonder where liberal's heads are at with the Michael Brown shooting. Almost everything that was part of the media narrative of Brown being a "gentle giant" was a complete and utter fabrication. Not only did Brown not have his hands up, he also was not shot in the back as media took lying eyewitness accounts and simply ran with them. Brown also attacked police officer Wilson after robbing a convenience store of $50 worth of cigars.

Despite all of that more evidence coming out of how Brown was not such a stellar citizen, the myth of a gentle giant has continued. And even in the face of mounting evidence Officer Wilson may have been justified in using deadly force, liberal newspapers such as the UK Guardian want to compare Brown's shooting to, "Jim Crow lynchings."

That assertion is beyond absurd and gives intellectual dishonesty a new definition. How even a mindless liberal can look at this situation where a black kid was shot by a police officer trying to defend himself, when the kid had just robbed a convenience store, who was high and was walking down the middle of the street, looking for trouble to completely innocent blacks who were sometimes dragged out of their houses and hung for a sick group of individuals to watch, is orders of magnitude past ridiculous.

To be sure, just because someone robs a store and walks down the middle of the street with the evidence of the robbery in his hands, doesn't mean they should be shot on sight, but when you decide to attack a police officer and steal his gun from him, you are risking your life with a move like that.

Of course, the liberal UK Guardian conveniently doesn't mention those facts.

Read the most absurd of the UK Guardian statements below:

Not terribly long ago in a country that many people misremember, if they knew it at all, a black person was killed in public every four days for often the most mundane of infractions, or rather accusation of infractions – for taking a hog, making boastful remarks, for stealing 75 cents. For the most banal of missteps, the penalty could be an hours-long spectacle of torture and lynching. No trial, no jury, no judge, no appeal. Now, well into a new century, as a family in Ferguson, Missouri, buries yet another American teenager killed at the hands of authorities, the rate of police killings of black Americans is nearly the same as the rate of lynchings in the early decades of the 20th century.

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