Liberals Don’t Know The Difference Between a Tax Break And a Subsidy

October 26, 2015 10:54 amViews: 271

Liberals don't know the difference tax breaks subsidies

This is a subject that many people, especially liberals, get consistently wrong. And with all the nonsense talk in the political world about rich people not paying their fair share in taxes and Big Oil plus their billionaire friends getting subsidies, the big thing liberals have a very hard time figuring out it, what is the difference between a tax break and a subsidy?

President Obama, Bernie Sanders and most other liberals like to talk about corporate welfare and most of what you hear just simply is not true. Yes, big banks and investment firms on Wall Street did get billions in what you could legitimately call "corporate welfare," when the economy nearly collapsed in 2008, but in the everyday world of business in their day to day operations, organizations like Planned Parenthood are the ones that get "corporate welfare" when big corporations just get to keep more of the money they earn. You know, they actually work for it.

Watch the video below where in simple terms, and with a great example, I break down the exact difference between tax breaks and subsidies.

Check it out...

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