List Of 15 Disasters That Will Take Place According To Obama If Budget Sequestration Happens

February 22, 2013 8:22 pmViews: 10553

President Obama the Great Divider on Budget Sequestration

According to President Obama and his cohorts, the worst thing in the world (at least the worst this week) that could happen would be for the budget sequestration cuts to take place. He, along with a willing media, are daily calling out a list of things that will happen when a mere $85 billion worth of budget cuts takes place in 2013 due to the agreement he signed into law and was gleefully for back in November 2011.

The total budget cuts scheduled to start taking place on March 1, 2013 were $1.2 trillion. And that was agreed to during the negotiations to raise the debt ceiling back in 2011 if the President's Supercommittee could not agree on bipartisan cuts. That committee failed spectacularly as it was doomed to fail in the first place since no one on the committee could agree on anything. However, not all of those cuts will be taking place this year as it was planned to be spread out over 10 years even though the President and his willing media want  you to believe all of them will happen on March 1st. In actuality, the most that will be cut this year will be $85 billion.

In fact Rush Limbaugh has said about the cuts, "We're just not gonna spend as much as was projected. It's all baseline budgeting. There is no real cut below a baseline of zero. There just isn't. Yet here they come, sucking us in, roping us in." But isn't that what Obama does best, manipulate the crisis and rope us in?

Even though the President threatened to veto any bill that did not include these spending cuts that originated with him, he is now acting as if an economic Armageddon will take place should the budget cuts happen. The things Barack Obama is claiming will take place could not possibly be affected by $85 billion in cuts, but no one in the State Run Media is willing to call his ridiculous bluff. Therefore we have compiled a list of all of the disasters the Campaigner in Chief claims will destroy our economy. Check here, here and here for more on Obama's accusations of impending doom he is trying to place on republicans.

Obama said the looming sequester of $85 billion in budget cuts would:

1. Weaken national defense
2. Layoff some 800,000 civilian Pentagon workers
3. Weaken disaster response
4. Reduce health care
5. Weaken education
6. Cut school lunch programs
7. Delay energy development
8. Reduce medical research
9. Weaken border security
10. Slowdown or stop FBI investigations
11. Delay federal prosecutions
12. Hamper or shut down air traffic control
13. Weaken and slow down airport security
14. Furlough of USDA meat inspectors
15. Hamper the ability of first responders such as police, fire and paramedics to react

That's all we can locate right at the present time, but the President and his friends in the media have 6 days as of the time this post went out to campaign on their agenda and come up with even more things to blame the evil Republicans for. We don't know what to be more ashamed of, the absurdity of this man our country elected as President, or the people who believe his dance from fabricated crisis to fabricated crisis.

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