Lois Lerner Lied To Congress About IRS Targeting Conservative Groups and Here’s The Evidence

March 11, 2014 4:03 pmViews: 1982

Lois Lerner lied

How President Obama came out and said that there was not even, "a smidgen of corruption" in the IRS conservative targeting scandal is absolutely beyond compare. There is simply no way he could have known the depth of the investigation going on or what it involved. The only thing Obama could have possibly been doing in that now infamous Bill O'Reilly interview was trying to cover his own back side.

That is pretty evident with a new congressional report chronicling evidence that Lois Lerner lied to Congress when she testified she had done nothing wrong in targeting conservatives, before she ended up taking the 5th Amendment.

If President Obama had to lie that there was not even, "a smidgen of corruption" in an investigation he knew absolutely nothing about and Lois Lerner has repeatedly now taken the 5th Amendment so as to try and protect herself, that in an of itself was pretty good evidence there was corruption. Now the evidence in this new congressional report pretty much proves it.

Read more below on Lois Lerner's lies from The Washington Examiner:

A GOP-led House panel Tuesday released an extensive report that attempts to show former top Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner lied to Congress about her involvement in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status.

Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said the 141-page report “offers detailed evidence about steps she took to crack down on organizations that exercised their Constitutional rights to free political speech.” [...]

Among the findings in the report:

— Lerner, in emails to other IRS officials, wrote about ways to highlight the agency’s scrutiny ofTea Party applicants, despite secrecy laws, by provoking groups to challenge IRS rulings in a court case.

— She called for a Washington, D.C.-based, “multi-tier review” for Tea Party groups applying for tax exempt status. “A D.C. IRS employee said this level of scrutiny had no precedent,” the report notes.

— Lerner references “the fabulously rich and hugely influential” Koch brothers, who are GOP donors, in asserting that the agency needed to cautiously conduct a “project” scrutinizing groups seeking 501(c)(4) tax exempt status. The code references the tax exempt category conservative and Tea Party groups were requesting from the IRS.

— Lerner broke IRS rules by using her personal email account to handle protected taxpayer information.

— Lerner expressed concern that the Supreme Court ruling leading to the increase of 501(c)(4) tax-exempt groups would hurt Democratic senators seeking re-election in 2012. The IRS was expected to fix the problem, Lerner wrote.

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