Lois Lerner Speaks “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”

September 24, 2014 1:11 pmViews: 85

Lois Lerner arrogant, I did nothing wrong

Lois Lerner, the disgraced official of the Internal Revenue Service who has been implicated in an appalling scandal over Tea Party and other right-leaning organizations being targeted for tax scrutiny, is falling apart. Make no mistake, she remains as obnoxiously defiant as ever, insisting to anyone and everyone who will listen that she did nothing wrong, and even that she is not sorry for any of her actions by stating, “I’m proud of my career and the job I did for this country.”

Apparently though, she's very sorry for the IRS, enough that she saw fit to use a planted question at an American Bar Association conference to publicly apologize for the treatment of conservative political groups by what she calls “front-line people” at the IRS.

With a damning inspector general report on the books detailing the behavior of IRS agents who specifically targeted organizations that used words like “tea party”, “limited government spending”, and – believe it or not - “patriot” in their literature, the fix is in. It is known that the IRS subjected groups of a conservative political leaning to unfair audits and denials of tax exempt status, and the evidence all leads to Lerner as the center of the scandal. When called upon to testify before congress and explain herself, Lerner invoked the Fifth Amendment and was dismissed, before finding herself being held in contempt.

Yet she never stops denying wrongdoing. She says of herself that she is “not a political person”, defending this by claiming that she had voted for candidates from both parties and that the only political contribution she has ever made was to a friend's bid to become a judge (Lerner herself is a trained lawyer). She brushes aside highly political remarks she has made in the past, such as her assertion that far-right conservative talk radio is comprised of “crazies and a-holes”, by saying she was quoted out of context. In short, she isn't the one-dimensional IRS monster which Republicans have made her out to be. She's complicated.

Despite being ordered to resign, Lois Lerner steadfastly refused, but was later ordered by human resources to clean out her desk and leave her position. It is bad – nay, outrageous – enough that the IRS has been caught playing politics and abusing its role as collector of revenues to bully people of opinions with which they disagree, but the total lack of accountability and failure to accept responsibility from within its ranks is not to be tolerated. People must lose their jobs over this, and ideally, criminal charges should be considered for any laws that were broken. And, sorry Ms Lerner, but the evidence points to you. So that's where the investigation needs to begin.

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