Loopy Chris Matthews: “Looney Tunes” Republicans Want To Destroy Economy While Carrying Guns

September 19, 2013 9:42 pmViews: 8061

Chris Matthews foaming at the mouth

There is so much we could say here, but really, there isn't any reason to comment any more, we'll just let Chris Matthews make a complete ass out of himself in his own words with the transcript and video below as he really points the finger at himself in this one:

MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this: Do you ever get the feeling that the loony tunes are taking over? Why would any normal person want to detonate the American economy? Least of all, why would those calling themselves the patriots want to do it?

If they love America, why are they out there bringing it down by having the U.S. government default on its debt? Look, I used to be a newspaper boy, we were encouraged to buy, those days, U.S. savings bonds. It was the good, patriotic thing to do. Besides, it was a guaranteed deal. Those patriotic-looking savings bonds were as good and solid as the U.S. government itself.

It’s that U.S. government the loony tunes are now pushing down, knocking the recovery off its feet with them, leveling our 401ks, killing hopes for a decent retirement. And while they’re at it, they want to carry pistols, rifles, semiautomatics, whatever they can carry, whatever firepower man has created in there when they go in to buy their frappuccinos.

Who are these people who want to cash out of the U.S. government, cash in — cash in as a going institution, meanwhile arming up themselves to be one man/one woman constabularies? Is this the right-wing future? The dream land of the loony tunes? Government that has gone into default, a Main Street they can prowl loaded for bear.

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