Maine No Longer Requires THIS to Carry a Concealed Firearm

July 20, 2015 9:58 pmViews: 281

Concealed carry in Maine

On July 9th, Republican Gov. Paul LePage of Maine signed a bill to allow residents to carry a concealed weapon without the previously required permit.

The new bill makes Maine one of just a few number of states that allows residents to carry a hidden firearm without needing a permit. And there are now over a dozen states which are considering taking similar actions.

Pro gun, pro Constitution advocates are all for the bill, saying that requiring a permit for concealed weapon doesn't keep people safe.

According to the Washington Times, Republican state Sen. Eric Brakey commented, “It really is a historic day in the state of Maine that this common-sense measure is finally signed into law.”

The new law, which passed with bipartisan support, states that Maine residents over 21 years of age can be carry a concealed weapon without a permit, provided they’re not prohibited from owning a gun or of course guilty of a felony. The law also applies to active military members over 18 and veterans.

Since the bill has passed it has done little to end the debate over guns in the state of Maine. Opponents argue that the law puts the public and law enforcement officials in danger.

“It’s mind boggling to me,” Kristen Kucera, a Maine resident and member of the billionaire Michael Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said. She further commented, “As a concerned mom, I just can’t understand why they would put our kids in jeopardy like this.”

The law is scheduled to go into effect in October.

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