Marco Rubio’s Boat vs John Kerry’s Yacht

June 12, 2015 8:11 amViews: 3416

Marco Rubio boat John Kerry yacht

After the New York Times took it upon themselves to do a hit piece on Marco Rubio and his supposed financial problems and questioned his purchase of an $80,000 luxury speedboat, which is in fact a fishing boat, one has to wonder why none of this vetting has been done on other politicians?

When you question the purchase of an $80,000 boat by a politician as being extravagant, but completely ignore another politician's rather extravagant purchase of a $7,000,000 yacht and the fact the politician in question, Secretary of State John Kerry, avoided paying a $500,000 tax bill by parking his yacht in Delaware rather than Massachusetts, you might be rather guilty of media bias.

You think most people could see through such a media scam, but it seems like the lovers of the liberal media agenda all but missed the uber-hypocrisy of the New York Times "expose" on Marco Rubio while they let others like John Kerry and of course Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama off scott free. Where is the investigation by the Times into Hillary Clinton not being able to account for $6 billion while at the State Department?

Watch the video below and see the difference between Marco Rubio's boat and John Kerry's yacht.

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