Marco Rubio’s House vs Hillary Clinton’s House

June 10, 2015 8:33 pmViews: 11623

Hillary Clinton Marco Rubio home

The main stream media and especially the New York Times to vet Marco Rubio and talk about How much money Rubio makes and spends on his home, but they won't even touch how Hillary Clinton lives. Rubio lives like an upper middle class regular person, except for the fact that he's a politician, but the one percenter liberal elite politician Hillary Clinton lives like a queen and yet she claims to be a "champion of the middle class."

Sure Hillary, you are nothing but a champion of, Hillary Clinton.

Marco Rubio lives like an upper middle class person who is a politician, but the Clinton's, who are worth some $100 million, live like the 1% elite that they so despise and want to tax out of existence. They stayed in an $11 million mansion while Hilary worked on her book and they also own at least 3 homes.

This is how the lying, elite, top 1% politicians live, while the New York Times is busy whining about Marco Rubio having a few traffic tickets and living in a moderately priced house.

Watch the video below and see how Hillary lives vs how Marco Rubio lives?

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