Marco Rubio’s Message to ISIS and Other Jihadists is Clear

May 10, 2015 9:23 pmViews: 1043

Marco Rubio ISIS Jihadists

While president Obama seems to be doing nothing more than coddling terrorists, Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has a little more tougher response to ISIS who is marauding through Iraq and other areas of the Middle East reigning down horrific barbarism on all those who don't succumb to their 7th century theocracy.

Rubio doesn't pull any punches or try to be politically correct, so as not to offend Muslims, when referring to ISIS.

What is Rubio's solution to the problem and terror of ISIS?

Find them, and kill them. Problem solved.

Read more below from Brietbart:

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said the way to defeat global jihadists is to take a note from Liam Neeson’s line in the movie Taken: “We will look for you. We will find you. And we will kill you.”

Rubio’s bold stance on national security got loud cheers from the crowd at the South Carolina Freedom Summit.

He spoke about the importance of standing for freedom and democracy – especially with Israel.

Rubio said it is important not only to contain Islamic jihadists, but to defeat them.

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