Maryland Schools Make Hugging, Food Made At Home, Pushing Kids On Swings Illegal

March 21, 2013 12:35 pmViews: 3880

No hugging in Maryland schools

After a tragedy like the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut last year, parents, schools, towns, states and of course the federal government want to do something, anything to make our kids safer when they are in the classrooms or anywhere on school property. Unfortunately, many times in an effort to just do something the wrong thing is done to placate the situation, but nothing really changes because the real issues have not been dealt with.

When politics is in play, even in low level school boards, it doesn't really mean the problem is going to get solved or the situation made safer, it is more about doing just anything so you can get an award for action regardless of whether the problem gets taken care of. So in what must be some bureaucrats fantasy world in the halls of school governance in the state of Maryland's St. Mary’s County Public Schools district, it will now be verboten for students to hug, to bring in food made at home and share it with other students and teachers and for parents to swing any kids other than their own during recess. Oh yes, the distribution of birthday party invitations will also be against the rules.

A group of parents and teachers were on the committee that put this latest feel good decree together banning every day acts of normal society. There must be something in the water in Maryland turning people into policy zombies because don't forget, this is the same state that suspended children for using their fingers as guns and for a 7-year-old-boy chewing his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun.

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The public education system in Maryland has officially gone off the deep end.

The Old Line State — where kids have been suspended for making guns with their fingers and with toaster pastries — now boasts a school district that prohibits hugging and homemade food in public elementary schools for anyone except a parent’s own children.

Parents must also register to enter the playground and they can’t push anyone except their own kids on the swings.

The Enterprise, a member of Southern Maryland Newspapers, has the story.

Officials with St. Mary’s County Public Schools say the new rules are necessary to provide a generally safe environment.

A committee composed of parents and elementary school principals created the regulations after a handful of meetings last year. Other new rules include a ban on ad-hoc parent-teacher conferences. The distribution of birthday invitations on school grounds is also now verboten.

“We’re not violating anybody’s rights,” Superintendent Michael Martirano told The Enterprise.

“We think it’s the right balance between safety and parental involvement,” Kelly Hall, a school district official, explained to The Enterprise.

“At the same time, parents were expressing some concerns,” Hall added.

“It is sad that it needs to be done for the safety of our children,” parent Sherry Whittles told The Enterprise. Whittles added that she agrees with the new rules.

“I think this is horrible,” school board member Cathy Allen opined to The Enterprise. “Elements of this are going to decrease parent involvement.”

Don't you just love how the school superintendent had to reiterate that, “We’re not violating anybody’s rights.” Well, if you have to make that point, then you probably are violating someone's rights, Mr Super.

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