McDonald’s Nukes Obama’s Plan To Raise The Minimum Wage

June 4, 2015 12:11 pmViews: 6709

McDonald's $15 an hour

There is hardly a bigger fight right now in the country than the one about minimum wage. Just because you are earning minimum wage now doesn't mean you have to make minimum wage for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, the purveyors of the $15 an hour minimum, such as President Obama, are pushing propaganda that makes people think that people with a minimum skill level and a minimum education and who may be at their first job are somehow entitled to a pay level that is equal to some teachers, firefighters and policemen.

This country wasn’t built on the backs of men and women who whined and wanted to get more money just for showing up at a zero skill level job. It was built by people who struck out on their own who faced almost impossible circumstances. Some days I wonder how we even managed to send people into the western frontier in the 1800's with all the whiners we have today.

McDonald’s has reluctantly decided to participate in the minimum wage raise in some areas of the country because they are forced to, but because those costs will be harmful to their bottom line, they’re actually laying people off and replacing cashiers with full service kiosks where customer can do their own ordering and pay for their meals right at the kiosk.

Here's a picture of one below...

McDonald's kiosk

The bottom line is, the minimum wage will end up helping very few people because it will have no overall net gain. Liberals just never see the consequences of their actions.

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