MEDIA BIAS ALERT: Obama Campaign Strategist David Axelrod Joins White House “NBC Wing”

February 20, 2013 6:05 pmViews: 1220

David Axelrod goes- to work for NBC News

Just yesterday Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd said there was a mythology amongst Republicans in Congress that there is a media bias and that networks like NBC are out to get conservatives. So, to prove Chuck Todd's point and put any speculation of bias to rest, NBC hired hyper-partisan Obama Campaign strategist David Axelrod as a political analyst later in the day.

Axelrod follows former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs over to NBC just before his former boss' State of The Union Show, as a political contributor. We not quite sure what the difference is between a political analyst and a political contributor, but it may have something to do with different ways to slant the news to the agenda of the Obama administration. We're just guessing on that.

If this isn't enough to outrage anyone and enough to prove beyond any doubt the left leaning media is completely biased and twisted to the intentions of how things should go the next 4 years for Obama to go, we hardly know what is. During the President's re-election campaign David Axelrod was little more that a puppet for Obama as nearly every talk show he went on, he did nothing more than repeat a couple of different, well rehearsed lines such as, "look what the president started with" or "that was a result of the previous administration's policies".

When you control the media, you control everything and it is becoming obvious, Obama and company want to control everything.

Read more on this story from The Week below:

On Tuesday, NBC News announced a new hire: David Axelrod, most recently chief strategist to President Obama's re-election campaign, is now a senior political analyst, slated to "contribute frequently across all broadcasts and platforms of both networks." Axelrod joins former Obama White House colleague Robert Gibbs, who was unveiled as a political contributor at the liberal-leaning NBC cable-news network MSNBC a week ago, as well as numerous other alumni of various White Houses who contribute regularly.

In one sense, this is pretty unremarkable in today's media market, says Bill Carter at The New York Times. "The path from political adviser to expert commentator on television has been well trod," notably in Fox News' hiring of Karl Rove, George W. Bush's Axelrod, but dating back to at least ABC News' decision to put Bill Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos — now host of Good Morning America — on the air. "And MSNBC already employs Steve Schmidt, the senior strategist for the losing campaign of Senator John McCain."

Of course, not everyone agrees that this is par for the course. Indeed, "there's no more perfect complement to Politico's splashy feature... about Obama as the media's puppetmaster than finding out his top strategist will now be a salaried employee" of MSNBC, says Allahpundit at Hot Air. "When Chuck Todd's done, maybe they'll skip the middleman and hire Valerie Jarrett to be White House correspondent."

Well, to be fair, the White House couldn't control the timing of the Axelrod hire announcement, "on the same morning that the Politico report was boiling over," says Connor Simpson at The Atlantic Wire. But any way you look at it, the "spin zone" at "the most White House–friendly network" is "increasingly populated by guys who used to work in the White House." And you don't have to wear a tinfoil hat to suspect "that may all be part of the plan."

So where do you think we will be going in the next 4 years with Obama in the White House and his cohorts in the press?

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