Media Bias – Washington Post Investigates Gov Scott Walker College Years, Ignored Obama

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Nothing shows media bias more than the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 and the liberal media's abysmal lack of interest in vetting Obama as a candidate. Now compare this to what the media had did and still does to Sarah Palin for instance and now what they are doing to presidential candidate Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

The Washington Post has taken it upon themselves to investigate Scot Walker's college years in a biased piece of nitpicking journalism on their website.

The childishly biased and incredibly trivial article starts out:

"Scott Walker was gone. Dropped out. And in the spring of his senior year.

In 1990, that news stunned his friends at Marquette University. Walker, the campus’s suit-wearing, Reagan-loving politico — who enjoyed the place so much that he had run for student body president — had left without graduating.

To most of the Class of 1990 — and, later, to Wisconsin’s political establishment — Walker’s decision to quit college has been a lingering mystery."

Now let's compare that to an article in the Guardian on Obama, a UK paper of all places, because you can hardly find anything in the American media about who the real Barack Obama is, and here's how that article starts out,

"He had turned 18 a few weeks earlier. The afro he started at Punahou School had grown a bit fuller, but was under control. He was Barry Obama, freshman, from Honolulu. The name, along with those of his two new roommates, was typed on the index card that had been slotted on to the door of Room A104 of Haines Hall annexe in preparation for his arrival. Maybe his face didn't look Hawaiian at first glance, thought Jeff Yamaguchi, who lived down the hall and whose family was from the islands, but it quickly became apparent that he had the easy-going attitude of a Hawaiian local, "that mannerism and style and personality that is very unique and identifiable from tourists… a mentality you develop over time, just 'Whatever.'"

This is the typical drivel of media bias vetting that went on for Barack Obama in the run up to election 2008 and this article was written in May of 2012 was more of a puff piece to assist him in getting reelected.

But why didn't the media go after Obama and fully expose his college years? The Washington Post article on Scott Walker talks about how Walker would be late, and strut in to French class. While his professors said Walker was interested in politics but some teachers, "said they never saw the same level of focus on schoolwork." And supposedly his fellow students, "tired of the daily disruptions" when Walker showed up late to class.

How can the Washington Post even be taken seriously? They are trying to stir up animosity by pointing out Walker was a pain in French class back 25 years ago, while completely ignoring Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro's radical liberal past influenced by avowed communists? (Barry Soetoro is the name Obama used when he was around 10 years old and went to a Muslim school in Indonesia.) The level of one sided media manipulation here is astounding.

The major networks had plenty of time to investigate Obama and ask serious questions of a man who had very troubling connection from his past and present. Here are a few questions the media should have asked or at least pondered...

Why did the liberal media ignore Obama's college records and where exactly are they now?
And where are his kindergarten records for that matter? All of his school records are hidden for the most part.
Why did the media ignore Obama's ties to convicted American terrorist Bill Ayers?
And ignore Obama's international travel?
And ignore how Obama paid for his college tuition, and his private elementary and high school tuition. Where did his mom get all that money to pay for his elite , private education?
And how did Obama pay for his college living expenses?
And and why did the liberal media ignore Obama's associations with radical communists such as
Jeremiah Wright?
Again Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn?
Frank Marshall Davis who was the subject of an FBI 19 year investigation
Charles Ogletree
Democratic Socialist Quentin Young
Convicted briber and fraudster Tony Rezko
And of course George Soros
and on, and on, and on...

Seriously, who exactly is this Barack Hussein Obama guy in the White House? Does anyone really know? Apparently, not enough of the right people even care. How disgraceful that the media, who is supposed to be the watchdog of government has instead become an ally of a party looking like its only job is to secure votes and had out free goodies.

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