Media Manipulation Of The Trayvon Martin Case

March 28, 2012 4:53 pmViews: 1542

Besides Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson trying to divide the country along racial lines according to former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant, the next most culpable manipulator of the sad Trayvon Martin case is, the main stream media. While Sharpton and Jackson are whipping up people into a frenzy in Sanford Florida, the local and especially national media have known all along the facts of this case, yet they selectively released details to create the most hysteria they can.

It may surprise you to know that the Trayvon Martin shooting happened more than a month ago on February 26, 2012 according to the original police report. However, the case did not become much of a news item at all until it was supposedly passed around social networks enough to bring it into the forefront of the national spotlight about a week and a half ago. It would be interesting to find out exactly how this case made it onto social networks and the path and push it took to get so much attention. These things need some initial push to get a viral following and it could be revealing as how that happened.

While the facts are that Trayvon Martin is dead and George Zimmerman was attacked and beaten by Trayvon, beaten to the extent that he felt like he needed to use deadly force to defend himself, the media has known this from the start. Yet, for some unknown reason, they chose not to report these facts. Before the marches, protests, mass hysteria and Jesse Jackson calling Trayvon a martyr (it might help Mr Jackson to actually know what a martyr is), the media had access to the police report but chose to keep details that might have helped ease tensions, quiet.

In the the plain reading of the police report Sanford officer Ricardo Ayala states that:

"While I was in such close contact with Zimmerman, I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head."

Why was this important fact that Zimmerman had been assaulted by Trayvon not reported by any national media until after this case had reached a fever pitch? What were they trying to hide? What kind of atmosphere were they trying to create? The media also passed around the photo at the very top instead of picturing Trayvon as he looked at 17 years old. And now that racial tensions are inflamed to a boiling point, the information about Zimmerman being assaulted is released and the national media has been consistently reporting it for the last few days. This serves nothing more that to create a backlash against the protests and gatherings in Sanford.

Many other questions that have not been raised, but could easily be answered by the media are:

Where in relation to the convenience store Trayvon went to get his Skittles and iced tea is Trayvon's father's girlfriend's house (where he was supposedly staying)? Is it near where Trayvon was killed? Did Trayvon need to take the path he did to get back to her house?

Why did Trayvon lay in the morgue until the next morning before his father was notified? Where was his father? Where was his father's girlfriend? Why did no one inquire as to where Trayvon was or why he didn't return to his father's girlfriend's house that nigh after taking a supposedly short walk to the convenience store?

After a shooting and big police presence in your neighborhood, would you not want to know where your son was?

With all those protesting and whipping themselves into a frenzy calling for "justice" with the help of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pouring gasoline on the situation, it must be asked if they really want justice or do they simply want a lynching of Mr Zimmerman? For those calling for Zimmerman's arrest and for him to be brought to court, what if he is found to be in the right and was truly defending himself? What if all the evidence presented in court shows that Trayvon in fact did assault Zimmerman and it was he who was screaming on the police tapes (it wasn't actually a 911 call) and he who was fearing for his life? Are the protesting community and the parents of Trayvon ready for that justice? Is that the real justice they are prepared to hear if that is what happened or do they just want a guilty verdict and Zimmerman to spend the rest of his life in jail, or worse?

After working overtime to take apart George Zimmerman's character and letting us all know he was some kind of Rambo neighborhood watchman that called 911 some 49 times, the media is also finally bringing to light the character of Trayvon Martin. Unfortunately, he is not appearing like the nice 14 year old football player the major TV networks and newspapers spoon fed us into believing he was. Trayvon was 17 years old, but nearly every picture we saw of him presented by the media, including the one at the very top of this post, makes him look like he was approximately 14.

Of course, his parents and agitators Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are now telling us that any information confirming Trayvon may have had the necessary character and attitude that allowed him to initially assault Zimmerman is irrelevant to his being shot. How is it these same individuals don't see the hypocrisy in painting Mr Zimmerman with the same brush? Those defending Trayvon are saying this information serves no purpose but to demonize the victim, but what if Zimmerman was the initial victim? If Trayvon attacked Zimmerman as is confirmed in the police report, it was Zimmerman who was the victim before Trayvon was.

Those that are interested in the truth and are interested in seeing through the hysteria and hyperbole of the last several days, pray that we will see true justice in this case, regardless of what that outcome means.

If you can be civil, I would love to hear your comments.

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BoomTown says:

This is one of the worst cases that shows how manipulative the media really is. They have Al Sharpton running around Sanford Florida trying to drum up a near riot and on the other hand he has a show on MSNBC. And the liberals call Fox News biased? Are you kidding me?

Dennis Habern says:

I am still waiting for Noah to return and build a fleet of Arks, one for the Muslims and

one for the Blacks, and ship both agitating ethnnic groups back to their origin. Both

of these ethnic groups bring nothing positive to the table and continue to multiply like

rabbits, drawing on the Federal Resources of our country. Their idea of the American

Dream, is: where is my Welfare Check, enough beer in the fridge, and a babe in their

beds. In addition, they are the worst students in our public school system.

Ret. Marine says:

Hey since when does the TRUTH have anything to do with the agenda the usurper-n-thief, commonly known as someone’s pResident, obama’s bin Ly’n and the media liars have amything to do with this case. As usual, they all bark at the same old dead log, same ol’e dead minds, with or without the facts as presented as the TRUTH, and as usual, they fall for it every time. Now the question has to be asked and demanded. Why are the three stooges, obama, sharptongue, jackass, referring to himself as some sort of reverand, not all facing charges of inciting a NATIONAL riot, why? Are they considered above the Laws of this land, and where is the supposed racist, americans are cowards towards racial issues eric, “the red” aggitator of all things “my people, holder, the current supposed AG regarding a communist/marxist/terrorist supported/progressive leaning idiots calling themselves the new black panther party, not at this time sitting in jail awaiting trial for putting a bounty “dead or alive” on a private citizen, who as of this moment has not been even charged in any wrong doing, other than defending himself while his life was in harms way? Yeah we all know the answers to all of these questions. Here is what I want to know, are you willing to take it to another level when they come for you, for much less, that being they are trying desperately, trying to incite a violent revolution to bring down our Representative Republic and relace it with their version of fairness. I feel sorry for these damned fools, for they know not of what they do, or maybe they do!

Joseph says:

Thanks to the media first having fanned the flames of racial hatred, there are those that will never believe, no matter how intense the investigation, no matter how clear cut the evidence that Zimmerman is innocent, will they EVER think him anything other than guilty. I ran across a site that had a picture of the younger Trayvon Martin in a hoodie, first time I’d seen that! Obviously a photo-op, still had the same red t-shirt on underneath. They’ll stop at nothing to get their precious ratings

Frank Peterson Sr says:

Hey yo’all…journalism is dead…D E D! As is revealed in the American Communist Goal statement of 1963, one of those goals was and is to infiltrate America’s institutions, including (my words here) our local, county, state and federal govts and their agencies! The author who posted the information on the internet states that all or most of those goals have been achieved… Based on what’s happening through out our country, that statement is becoming fast believable! Check it out…online!

bill says:

One Thug, One slug……….a good shoot, a good shot.
tra von was shot during a FELONY BATTERY upon mr Z. this made it a “good shoot” (legal)

Marde says:

The top motive for all this hoopla, besides the “divide and conquer” mentality that has become so pervasive is that it fits right into the anti-gun agenda that was derailed when “fast and furious” was made public. Only after a Federal Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, was killed by the same guns ATF encouraged Fed. licensed gun dealers to supply to suspicious, (and known) purchasers. The Holder “Justice” department was hot to implicate those rotten, Capitalist, gun-clinging Bible belt hicks as the reason for Mexican Cartel violence. A few good ATF agents had conscience attacks when one of their fellow agents ended up dead. Where’s the mob demanding Justice for Agent Terry, and the other agents ambushed (and 1 killed) by those same guns? It’s been more than a YEAR- and over 8,000 pages of subpoenaed documents are still not delivered to the House oversight Committee that is investigating. The media cry is,”This is a partisan witch hunt! After a year of investigating, give it up! ” (soon as we see all the evidence, my dear- same as ANY investigation)
Where, (except in the Mexican Media) is the outrage at OUR Government supplying arms to the terrorist drug cartels south of the border? Aren’t the Mexican citizens worth it? Hundreds of them have been killed, too. If you notice, all through this story the narrative is becoming more about the “stand your ground” legislation. This Administration does not want us to be able to legally defend ourselves. Wonder why gun sales are up? Obama and his friends are the best sales incentives this country has ever seen.

Marshall says:

As a lefty I regret that 5 years from now this case will be remembered more for the the media manipulation than the actual event.Fox news will unfortunately be the big winner after all this and the FCC will have to set guidelines as to how news is reported.Meanwhile let me get back to reading my National Enquirer.

John Miles says:

No, fox news will not win here. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both poverty and racial pimps will win. Despite the real harm that their nonsense is sure to cause in the end they will walk away unscathed and even richer than before. But then that is always true of pimps like them, they show up to help the poor, voiceless and down trodden, but in the end they ride off in a limo leaving only destruction in their wake.

Ron Buckhalter says:

A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-)
is somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious.
Trevon was no Martyr.

Oreisha says:

What time of the day/ night was this? Sounds like neither of them actually lived there. If Trevon was shot while scuffling with Zimmerman– the shot had to be at close range. Was there evidence of gun powder residue on Trevon– or even Zimmerman for that matter? Why don’t JESSE, AL, and the other race baiters a get busy and try to improve the education, living conditions, family relationships and morals, and self-esteem of the black community and try to stop the gang violence, poverty and crime? Jesse and Al only show their UGLY faces to try and foster hate for the whites, and keep themselves in the limelight— as tho they are really concerned about OTHERS. NO—- it is only themselves they are concerned about. Stay home you fools-IF you can’t be part of a solution, don’t just add to the the problem !!!

Allegator Baby says:

Something rotten is in the Martin case.

dave says:

I really wish someone would ask the question of why Zimmerman did not hold him at gunpoint if he was the aggressor? I believe the only explanation is the one we are starting to see. Zimmerman broke off the following then was ambushed by Martin. When Martin went for Zimmerman’s gun which was still in its holster in the front of his pants the struggle for the gun ensued and Martin lost that fight.

Mike says:

I have been saying that all along… Zimmerman on his back, Trayvon on top, Trayvon goes for the gun, struggle ensues and it goes off.. If it was purposeful, or he was shooting in self defense, he would not have just fired 1 time.. He would have fired until the threat was gone…

Bro. Chuck says:

you know….

I hate to say it this way, but do we really expect anything different?

As soon as Sharpton, Jackson, and all the others who ” look out for their peeps”jump in and start screaming…
you know its got to be formed and brought forth as they “will” it to be.
forget truth.
forget right and/or wrong….

no, how do you arrive at conclusions before investigations are even done?

and now we see just a wee bit more….
the picture comes slowly into focus….

I want to see a bunch of Travon’s pictures from the weeks prior to the shooting.
I want to see the patrol logs from Zimmerman’s security duty.

in the mean time?
I won’t make judgement, and neither should anybody else.
Travon’s parents?
i’m shaking my head…..
more worried about copyrights?
where was the dad, yes…
where was the mom, yes….

but I feel bad for both of them…
they are in my prayers…..
anytime a child …..

they are the ones to stop this insanity….
or they will feed it with their own self-centered desires, and keep blaming …..
you know, thats the real sad part….
some folks just can’t climb out of their own ‘pits” because they are deceived into thinking its that place they are supposed to be….
but its simply where they WANT to be….

Pray they come to a little higher understanding……

and in the meantime, pray that all the others don’t get caught up in the frenzy & insanity and do really stupid things….

In Yeshua’s name we humbly pray…..

Bro. Chuck

Sherri says:

Tragic for everyone. The media should be ashamed of themselves for outing this story before ALL the facts. There are no winners.

John says:

The Zimmerman case absolutely needs more investigating. As you know, Trayvon was caught at school with some women’s jewelry and a lock pick. I wonder where the jewelry came from. And why was he in a gated community?

Teresa says:

I have to thank you for finally showing there is so much more to this story than the media wants us to believe. I personally think he should have been arrested on site, but that is without any facts about the case. He is being protected by the law, and I think all the anger should be placed on Florida’s laws that allowed him to say it was self defense. It was a tradgedy, but in all no different than many brutal slayings daily all around the world.

Mike G says:

Actually, according to the recently released police video, he was arrested on site and brought in wearing handcuffs. See where he is clearly under arrest.

This story was ignored for 3 weeks, and didn’t hit national news until it went viral. It is no longer about justice in this shooting incident. There is an agenda at play here to stir up racial tension. MSM is supporting it, high profile African-americans are supporting it, and Obama liberals are using it if not pushing it along. It is not going to end well.

JH says:

Mike G – Not only to stir up racial tension, but also a liberal agenda to attack laws that allow us to protect ourselves. I wonder which gun control nuts may have been involved in this?