Media Manipulation Wins Election And Four More Years For Obama – Blame The Media!

November 8, 2012 10:03 pmViews: 856

How can we not blame the media for the incredible job they did in making sure we now have President Barack Obama in the White House for 4 more years? Conservative Joe Scarborough of MSNBC thinks republicans should stop blaming the media and making up conspiracy theories for their loss on election night. But honestly, I think the media is almost criminally liable for their absolute and complete manipulation o the American people.

If you only watch the main 3 networks of NBC, CBS and ABC the reporting there is so biased that you aren't getting the complete story of the news. My wife and I watch NBC News with Brian Williams every evening and what we notice more than anything is the puff pieces of news they put up in place of very serious stories that would most certainly shape ones opinion about who a good presidential candidate is.

Not only do we see bias in stories they report on in a somewhat limited basis, but it is what they don't report on that is most disturbing. A good example of the way they bias their stories is how NBC reported on Mitt Romney's trip to Europe during the Olympics. Almost every night during the time Romney was in Europe or the Middle East, we got to hear a report of the dumb things Romney said while in Britain, Israel and Poland.

We would hear Andrea Mitchell or Brian Williams repeat a supposed gaffe and then they would show it in the context of an interview Williams did with Romney and it would be quite difficult to pick out anything Romney said that was a gaffe. We also had Romney videos manipulated on purpose, one by Andrea Mitchell where she made him look stupid as if he had never been in a WaWa grocery store ordering a sandwich that's still up on many websites. And another manipulated video by MSNBC where they made it look as though a crowd was more interested in seeing Paul Ryan than they were Romney. Each little lie told by the manipulative media has some effect on people voting for the candidate that has been belittled.

Of course the biggest scandal and media malpractice I think I've ever seen is over the entire Benghazi Libya debacle that the President may very well be impeached for. The media's negligence on reporting the death of 4 Americans by Al Qaeda linked terrorists approaches criminal wrongdoing. There have been emails come out from the government showing that the White House, Pentagon, and State Department knew this was a terrorist attack an the group involved in it 2 hours after it was over and the main stream media never reported on those emails. President Obama lied, lied, lied through his teeth for 2 weeks refusing to call it terrorism and the media completely ignored these emails.

This was not made up supposed emails, these e-mails were government property obtained by some new outlets, yet the media acted as if they didn't exist. And then we had the Candy Crowley correction of Romney at the second debate where Crowley turned out to be wrong. The president never admitted these were terrorists attacks until 2 weeks aft the fact, 60 Minutes had video of it they refused to show until 3 days before the election, yet he got away with the lie in debate number 2 that he did say it was terrorism in his Rose Garden speech day of the attacks.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more examples of media bias it would make your head spin.

But the bottom line is, what do you mean we shouldn't blame the media for Romney's loss? They worked overtime doing everything they could to destroy Romney and make him look bad. Does anyone think for a minute if those media hookers for Obama would not have been destroying Romney and anything sacred every chance they got, this election wouldn't have turned out different?

Do you think if the American people would have known how poorly Obama reacted to what happened in Libya,or what's really going on in the economy, or what's REALLY in the Obamacare bill, or who were the people that mentored Obama from nearly day one of his education, that that would not have affected how the American people voted? How anyone can say the media did not give a huge advantage to Obama is simply absurd and intellectually dishonest.

The liberal media has come of age finally with this latest election and they without a doubt own, your brain if you have rented it out to them. So you don't believe in liberal media bias? Really? Well, just wait to and what happens to the economy and where this Benghazi Libya thing goes in the next year or so and come back here and leave your comments then. The truth eventually has a way of coming out, even if it's ugly. I hope you are still here to see how ugly this one is going to be.

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