Megyn Kelly Asks The Question: Why Not Try To Impeach Obama?

January 19, 2014 9:28 pmViews: 7655

Megyn Kelly impeach Obama?

Almost everyone that adheres to a strict interpretation to the Constitution agrees that President Obama is out of control and coming dangerously close to acting like a dictator. After his arrogant pronouncements that if he doesn't get his way in Congress, he will use executive orders to move his agenda forward, many are asking why is the House and Senate tolerating such conduct from the Chief Executive.

Well, at least some in the media are not tolerating it any longer and are asking the unaskable question, "Why not just impeach President Obama?"

In an interview with Senator Mitch McConnell, Fox News' Megyn Kelly asked that very question why this isn't an option at least in regards to Obama's recess appointments of top level posts that is before the Supreme Court right now. Kelly is probably the first journalist to ask such a question to a major player in the Senate such as Mitch McConnell.

So it is now on the table as a topic of conversation. Whether it goes any further and a more serious discussion of an impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama ever goes anywhere is anyone's guess. No doubt at some point Obama will get act so arrogantly that it will create a Constitutional crisis, but will Republicans in the House act?

Read more below from IJ Review and then watch the video of Kelly's interview with McConnell after that:

Megyn Kelly asked the unaskable question of Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in regards to Obama’s presidential power grab, which is now being deliberated upon in federal court.

“We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, OK, so when that happens,” Megyn Kelly said after a short discussion of the issues. “When you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options. And the main one that has been used historically is, try to impeach him!”

“I mean, is that ever considered?” Kelly asked. “As opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?”

McConnell’s eyes lit up upon hearing the question. He deftly replied that defunding Obama’s legislation was a “less dramatic response,” although he refused to directly address impeachment. Part of that issue, he notes, is that the Democrats control the Senate.

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