Funny Meme PERFECTLY Compares Top Democrat Candidates

October 19, 2015 1:00 pmViews: 454

Liberal presidential meme

It's really hard to believe the top 3 contenders for the Democratic nomination for president are Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden (even though he hasn't officially announced as of press time) and Bernie Sanders. What kind of choice is that for America? Is THIS all liberals can muster?

Hillary Clinton is so mired in scandal and claims that as Secretary of State she didn't even know she was getting classified emails to her email server in her own home. Hillary can't even figure out how to protect her own email server from getting hacked, how is she going to protect our country?

Next is Joe Biden who honestly, is kind of a likable guy. He seems like a party animal and I think it would be a blast to hang out with him and have a few beers because he'd probably be the life of the party. However, he says the stupidest things imaginable for being Vice President of the United States. Sorry Joe, we don't want you as president.

And next, is Bernie Sanders, oh boy. What can you say about Bernie Sanders, except that he has no idea how economics even works. He has Utopian dreams of free stuff for just about everyone except for the people who actually have the money. One thing Socialists like Sanders never figure out it is, you can never finance Utopia with other people's money, you will eventually bleed every source of revenue dry if you keep demanding more, and more, and more. And of course, none of Bernie's followers have an ounce of economic literacy amongst their entire collective. Sorry Bernie and your blind followers, the math just doesn't work.

Enjoy the meme below...

Liberal Democrat presidential meme stupid


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