Mexico Condemns Texas Gov. Rick Perry For “Irresponsible” Deployment Of National Guard To Border

September 13, 2014 9:14 pmViews: 1888

Gov Rick Perryon the Texas border with Mexico

Recently, in a rare but welcome show of concern for national security, Texas governor Rick Perry deployed National Guard troops to his state's border with Mexico. His counterparts on the other side, meanwhile, have unsurprisingly (and with no small measure of nerve) disdained the move. Apparently it is now an unforgivable sin for a sovereign nation to patrol the borders of its domain against outside threats. You have to ask, is teh Mexican government working a deal with President Obama? What is really going on here?

"The unilateral measure taken by the government of Texas is undoubtedly mistaken and does not contribute to the efforts in which our two countries are engaged to build a safe border and create a solution to the phenomenon of migration," an official in Mexico said, as reported by the Mexican Embassy. "The measure will not lead to greater understanding between our societies, and it stands in opposition to the values and principles by which Mexico and the United States govern our bilateral relationship."

The gall in this response is nothing short of jaw-dropping. It is easy to criticize efforts to protect a nation when yours is not the one being invaded. At last report, the great majority of Americans entering Mexico did so for tourism, college kids on spring break in Tijuana, or newlyweds honeymooning in Cancun while Mexican citizens cross the border illegally and with plans to stay put in alarmingly frequently. Once here, of course, they spread to the four corners of the United States, where they find work with relative ease from low pay employers eager to hire undocumented workers who can't complain about being mistreated, are willing to accept fewer raises, and are quite happy to remain in their menial minimum-wage position for decades. All of this, of course, is in contrast to Americans, who typically (and rightfully) regard such jobs as temporary stepping stones to a more rewarding, more productive career.

And why, precisely, is Mexico behaving as if it is a partner in addressing millions of illegal aliens invading the United States? The Mexican government is fully complicit in this affair, committing such outrages as mass-mailings of maps to its own citizens showing the best and easiest ways to reach the border. Why? Because they know that Mexican expatriates entering the United States to find work results in American dollars being sent home to their families; dollars which then enter into and circulate through the Mexican economy. Everybody wins, well, except the American people, who lose access to jobs, schools, health care, and other limited and precious resources due to competition with people who don't legitimately belong in the running.

But, someone has to bite the bullet. Shame, surely, on Rick Perry for daring to protect his own state.

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