Michelle Obama Says To Exercise Your Dogs And Feed Them A Balanced Diet, As If We Didn’t Know

March 4, 2013 2:34 pmViews: 831

Michelle Obama healthy dogs Bo

As if the American public is not smart enough to figure out how to take care of their animals, First Lady Michelle Obama tells us on her Google Hangout today that it is important to “worry about every member of our family.”

The First Lady let the audience know that dogs need to eat a proper diet and exercise also, just like our children do, in case you didn't know that. Michelle also said that President Obama liked to tease their own dog, “Bo” for being lazy, but that they encouraged her girls to take him on walks. I'm guessing that the girls are not walking Bo around the neighborhood on Pennsylvania Avenue, do you think?

“Dogs are no different,” Michelle explained to a woman on the Google Hangout chat. “You want to make sure they are eating a balanced diet, and if they are not an active dog, make sure that their food is reflective of an inactive dog and then get them out there and throw that ball and get them running.”

With all the important issues going on in the world today it sure is reassuring that the First Lady has time to talk about important things, don't you think?

Watch the video below for advice on your pets from the First Lady:

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