Michelle Obama Wants To Control What Your Kids Eat And Companies Advertise

September 19, 2013 1:25 pmViews: 5094

Michelle Obama wants to control what kids eat

First Lady Michelle Obama is looking to continue her attempts at changing what America's children eat. Her latest effort is going to call upon the owners and leaders of major food companies in the United States to market and advertise more responsibly.

The White House statement on this effort goes on to say, “Mrs. Obama will call on stakeholders to leverage the power of marketing to promote healthy products and decrease the marketing of unhealthy products to kids.”

The First Lady along with the White House Domestic Policy Council, will host a convening (we assume that means a meeting) about food marketing to children.

Earlier this year, Michelle gave a speech at a health conference and said, “It’s also about companies realizing that marketing healthy foods can be responsible and the profitable thing to do as well.”

Several people think that Michelle Obama and the government are over stepping their reach. Remember, the First Lady is not an elected position and she should have no real power.

What do you think about the Michelle's latest attempt at controlling what Americans eat?

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