Michelle Obama’s 24 Day Taxpayer Funded Hawaii Vacation To End Soon

January 13, 2014 2:53 pmViews: 6038

Michelle Obama's Hawaii vacation is almost over

For all the rhetoric put out by President Obama that he is for the working man and his constant deriding of the wealthy, our Commander in Chief and his wife Michelle Obama think nothing of going on vacations that cost US taxpayers millions of dollars. And the First Lady thinks nothing of spending an additional 10 days in Hawaii that costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars for Secret Service protection and a special flight back to Washington DC at a cost of some $200,000. The First couple is only responsible for the cost of a regular fare airplane ticket to their destination, not the millions it costs to fly Air Force One or any other military plane.

Only in slipping towards a Socialist America can the President lecture us citizens on income inequality, while he takes a vacation that costs American taxpayers some $7 million, and while his wife spends an additional 10 days in the home of the richest black woman in the world.

Who voted for this guy again?

Read more below from White House Dossier:

After 24 days on vacation in Hawaii, including ten without her husband and children, First Lady Michelle Obama will return to Washington by Wednesday.

Michelle, who has been holed up at Oprah Winfrey’s fabulous spread on Maui since President Obama and their daughters departed Hawaii January 4, has an event – a White House screening of an educational movie – scheduled for Wednesday at 4 pm. That means she’ll leave Hawaii Tuesday night at the latest.

The first lady’s decision to extend her vacation will probably cost taxpayers in excess of $200,000, including the cost of a special flight aboard an Air Force jet.

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