Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Group Tells Americans – Skip The “All-You-Can-Eat” Buffets

March 18, 2015 1:29 pmViews: 986

Michelle Obama Let's Move Campaign

If you are like me, and most Americans, you like to eat at the buffet once in a while so you can get your choice of foods and of course, all you can eat. And if the buffet has good mashed potatoes on it, look out, my plate is gong to be half filled with potatoes.

But if you follow the advice of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move group, they are now telling Americans to skip those all you can eat buffets.

Let's Move suggests you should order an item from the menu rather than going back to the buffet line 2 or 3 times. When we eat at the buffet, just like most Americans, it's not every day and it is usually on a splurge because I think we know, pigging out every day isn't the best thing for you, but thanks Michelle, I think we can figure that out for ourselves.

This is your tax dollars at work.

Read more from the Washington Beacon below:

First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign Let’s Move is out with new advice for Americans: skip the buffet and stick to unsweetened tea. […]

The suggestions include choosing water, fat-free milk, and unsweetened tea instead of soda, and asking for salad dressing to be served on the side. “Then use only as much as you want,” Let’s Move said.

“Choose a ‘small’ or ‘medium’ portion,” they said. “This includes main dishes, side dishes, and beverages.”

The recommendations also included opting for vegetable stir fries and kebobs, and steering clear of the buffet.

“Order an item from the menu instead heading for the ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet,” Let’s Move said.

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