Middle Class Economics – More Propaganda From President Obama

February 5, 2015 4:12 pmViews: 486

Obama's middle class economics

Can we ask a question here? What exactly are Middle Class Economics? Maybe if you were some Obot who is utterly enthralled with Barack Hussein Obama, you may buy into this complete scam, but it is a completely made up term.

President Obama talked about this in his State of the Union address and he keeps talking about economics for the middle class as if this is an actual economic concept like the law of supply and demand or Austrian Economics or even the Keynesian Economics of Obama's closest socialist adviser Paul Krugman, who by the way sees absolutely no limit to the amount of money government should spend on social programs and stimulus packages.

One of the proposals of Obama's so-called middle class economics revealed in his State of The Union Speech and his $4.1 trillion budget, which will not get a single solitary vote in Congress, is to provide what he dubs "free community college" for students just coming out of high school. This of course it is really just a scheme for wealth redistribution by taxing those with more money and giving it to those with less money, and also taxing those who are actually saving for college and giving that money to people who are not saving for college.

This is a pure, propaganda Obama scam. There is no such thing as middle class economics. Obama is making it up, just like he has made up 95% of his presidency and 95% of his life.

Don't fall for it. Of course, if you are a liberal, you have already fallen for it.

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